Thursday, 5 May 2011

Task #15 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

It is certainly always a shock when news about disasters like what happened in Japan spread…
For some time we want to know what happened, we watch the news, we search the internet, newspapers and we make comments and listen to comments.
Have you noticed that it’s been one tragedy after the other?
What’s more is that things are not going to get better- it’s only going to get worse.
My friends, we are in the end of times. We don’t know the exact hour but the end is near.
Now the question is: “Are you ready?”
Many people live under anesthesia thinking that disaster will never reach them but do you think that the hundreds of people that died in Japan knew that that was their last day?
What if today was your last day? Are you ready? Are you prepared? Where is your soul destined to go?
This tragedy made me meditate on this; we will never know the moment but we need to be ready for our Lord.

Task#15 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“It’s time to scour your heart. Grudges, sadness, hidden sin will determine eternal life our death! Rid yourself from them, have a clean and pure heart. Fill it with the presence of God and let us be ready at all times!”
I pick eternal life and am going to fight with all of my might to achieve it, how about you?

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