Monday, 13 December 2010

I Think I Like Him!!!

“Dear Nanda, I really like this guy in my church but I’m not sure if I should let him know how I feel… What should I do? Should I tell him what I’m feeling? What do you advise me?

My dears, as incredible as it may seem, emails like this keep on coming in, so I decided to write about it and clear it up here…

Please note that the Bible doesn’t give us a straight answer for questions like these, thus, it is up to us to make use of our common sense and faith.

My answer to this question is:

“What is your faith?” or “What do you have faith to do?”

Your answer is your faith, so follow it…

Now, I’ve been asked “Nanda what is your faith?”

Okay, if this is so then you want to know what I would do, right?

Sincerely speaking I am the old fashion type. When I was single I wasn’t able to approach a guy and tell him I was interested in him, I think I would have blushed out of embarrassment…

But that’s me!

I know women that are now married and were the ones who approached their partners and declared their love.

I would like to point one thing out… be very careful and be discreet!

I have a friend who has a son and as soon as he reaches the church, he is practically “attacked” by girls- it’s embarrassing!

It doesn’t look good, you see?

Use your faith but be intelligent too!

Is he godly? Is he converted? Does he have a good character?

If you still don’t know the answer to these questions, then it’s better to wait and get to know him better… During this time, who knows maybe he’ll declare himself to you!


  1. I am old fashioned too; I think it's more proper if he approaches you. I definitely think she should study his character a little more.

  2. HI mrs Nanda I am completely old fashioned too, I would want the guy to ask me, even if I really liked him, I mean the guy is supposed to conquer the girl, it just doesnt seem very right to me, but then again like you said , thats my faith!
    magdelina Australia

  3. I am single and I have learnt so many things just from reading the blogs from Big Sisters.Mrs Evelyn once said in one of her testimonies that she wasn't going to go after men in the church.If someone likes her they have to come to her. She put her love life in God's hands and stopped being desperate. I am also old fashioned and feel really embarassed to approach a guy.The best thing is to do what you said, to intelligent and study the person's character first.

    Betty Gapare
    Croydon UK

  4. Thanks for this post Mrs. Nanda, I am married already but I remembered this question kept on coming to my mind when I was single. I am sure it is of great help for those who are single right now.

  5. It is a dangerous thing to live by someone else's faith, because someone else's faith is not what brings the blessings of God into our lives. However, I agree that when we make are about to make a decision, we have to also consider the reasons behind our decisions (otherwise known as "intelligent faith" which is mentioned here)

    For example, why do we want to approach the guy? Is it because truly we are bold and want to go in faith for what we want, or is it because we are anxious? Or do we want to be the first one to get the guy, in a long queue of admirers? I am definitely not saying that this is the case for the lady mentioned in this blog, but it's just an example of how we need to deeply consider our actions, because the heart can be very deceitful.

  6. This is a rather tricky situation but I too am an old fashioned type, I wouldn’t be able to let a guy how I feel. I’d rather pray about it and ask God to touch his heart to approach me. But then again, things have changed. The questions at the bottom are the most important.

  7. I believe that my love life is in God`s hands. I feel that God will prepare me to recieve only the one who is right for me. I mean if I take it into my own hands and go by what I see or feel I may take a wrong turn. I am trusting in God and I know he will only give me away to the one who was made for me.

  8. Hi Mrs Nanda! I remember when I made a vow with God according to my faith also old fashioned way that I was not the one to come to him and this should be one of the sines that he was for me, that he would have to approach me, but as you sad faith is faith and this is completely individual!

    ps: My husband approached me!

  9. Hi Mrs Nanda, thank you for sharing this blog with us; I found it very helpful and clear ... Faith indeed is individual and should always be applied as such; especially when relating to one's love-life.

    Ethnanda Manley, UK

  10. Mrs Nanda,
    This is a great advice because everyones faith is completely different. You really must take it with God with what He places in your heart to do rather then going with what everyone around says you should do. In that way, you don't end up blaming anyone because they made you do it.
    I am personally would not approach a guy because it is not in me, I guess I am old fashion too but this could change depending what God has placed inside of me to do.
    With whatever decision we choose to do, it truly must be from God. OUR faith is individual.


  11. Good day Mrs Nanda!

    I for my self i think when i trust in God, God will make a way for me i don't think there is a need for me to approach a guy because God knows a right person for me, i talk as a married woman that is how God blessed me because i put my trust in him.


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