Friday, 3 December 2010

Think about this...

There was a certain lady, who looked at the wives of pastors in a certain church…

They were all sitting together and said to her friend...

"Look at that! They think they are better than us and do not mix!"

On the same day another lady seeing the same scene ...

"Look how beautiful! All wives sitting together, that’s what I call an united church!"

On another occasion ...

The pastor's wife was well dressed and a lady commented...

"Look, always tidy and well dressed! Wants to show off ..."

A young church member looked at the same pastor’s wife and said...

"I want to be like her! Woman of God, beautiful inside and out!"

One day there was a change of pastors in that church and the new wife arrived for a meeting… She had not had time to go home to get ready, she had been working hard in the offices that day...

The same lady looks at the new wife and says to her friend ...

"Look at that! What a shame and lack of consideration, did not take the time to properly dress to come to church! Embarrassing to God and her husband!"

A young woman looks and think ... "She looks tired, may God give her strength."

You know what is the moral of the story?

"If your eyes are good, your whole body will be bright"

"The lips speak of the abundance of the heart"

"Tell me with whom you walk that'll tell you who you are ..."

"Eyes rotten, rotten lips. Good eyes, sweet lips."

"Tell me with whom you walk and I’ll tell you where you are going to…”


  1. This post reminded me of this quote: 'For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone'.
    A woman of character always has beautiful eyes and lips because that is what comes from within her.

  2. This is so strong, what we say reflects what is in our hearts. This lady did not only have bad eyes and bad lips but she was judgemental. i think if went to sit next to the Pastor's wives they were not going to ignore her just because she isn't one. This reminds of a verse that I read which says "who are you to judge another's servant". People like this can never learn from anyone because they only see the bad in people not the good like the young woman who said I want to be like her....

  3. So strong Mrs. Nanda, our words reflect our spiritual condition. Thank you very much for this blog post

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day, about "evil eyes"! These evil eyes are very devastating as they can create things in our heads that are not there, and that are not true! It's about judging, assuming and criticizing! Only God knows the intentions of everyone's hearts, who are we to judge one another?

  5. Great post, this serves to self-analyze and correct any assumptions made by evil eyes.

  6. It's all about what is in the heart that comes out. When something good comes out it means God is with us and vise versa. Thank you.

  7. A message that I'll try to keep in my heart. I must look at things, people, etc. the same way that I will want God to look at me.

  8. This world is full of malice; we are judge either way, the moral of the story is as long as we are please our God with our life in all it is what matter. If you do right they criticize, if you do evil so do they. Of course they are cases and cases, when we represent God we they must see it, also what is inward will be reflected outward. tks and God blessed.
    Zaida Pinheiro

  9. It does not matter how we look on the outside, if our eyes are full of malice that only cause us to be rotten inside. With these kind of thoughts and comments the only person we are harming is our self, and in the process we are living away from God and going against His will.
    Thank you for this message Mrs.Nanda.

  10. Indeed if our eyes our good than our body will be bright. Being spiritual is not about reading the bible and praying. It is through our actions, thoughts and comments that we show our spiritual state.

    However being able to see beyond what our eyes see is what God teaches us. We never really know the reason behind certain situations, but if we allow our physical eyes to lead us then we will only be living in darkness. Thank you for sharing this message.

  11. I will always keep on mine this post it's something that we always have to remember and always analyze.

    Thanks, Mrs. Nanda for sharring this post!!! :-)

  12. "A talk with the devil", this is what it is, the same when Eva used her emotions and kept with corruption conversations with the serpent, we need to be very careful with whom we talk back in our minds, if it makes us sins it not God suggesting or feeding us!

    Let's be watchful with who we talk... and what fruit we eat!

  13. That's right!!! It's very important to have good eyes. We, as a people of God, have to show who we are with everything we do. If we see everything bad, it's because we are doing nothing at church. However, if we see everything with good eyes, God is going to bless us.

  14. We must strive to have good eyes and hearts as the opposite just kills our spirit and souls and though we may remain in the church, we are like empty containers.

  15. I agree! We should always look at everyone with clean eyes; because our eyes are the window to our souls. Thank you for sharing; God bless :-)

    Ethnanda Manley, UK

  16. I totally agree Mrs. Nanda! Like a Pastor taught us we must have good eyes and a clean heart if we want to honor God!

  17. This is true! If you act like a woman of God, you will have a certain glow to you, and in everything you do, you will be always looking enlightened(:

  18. This is true Mrs Nanda when we have good eyes everything we see will be good and when we have bad eyes everything we see with our eyes will be bad that is why as a child of God we should have good eyes always and God will be please with us.

  19. This is so true. I remember when i was back in the world, my eyes would see things only in the wrong way, i was so blinded by the illusions of this world that i was never able to think positive, i would only pass negativity to others. Thanks to God he has changed me, the way i think and look at things. The other day i was speaking to a young youth and she told me that shes weak, she cant do this or that and immediately it came to my mind what the man of God had said once... i told her "the words that comes out of your mouth is very strong!, it is not what goes in thats bad, its what comes out. If you say you can't then you can't but if you say that you can then you surely can and will be able to!."
    Very strong!
    Brockton MA

  20. This is a great example of not only watching what you think and say but a great example of not being around those who also spread this poison around.


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