Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Our Saturday here in Namibia

Last Saturday was crazy and wonderful!

We visited a school in one of the poorest areas here in Windhoek / Namibia. Where it has only zinc shacks without electricity or any other structure.

I was arriving with the Sisterhood girls and we could see the children running down the streets toward the school, as they could see from afar the jumping castles we were putting up for them ...

It was a long day and the children could not contain the joy.

We took drinks, toys, candy, sweets, sandwiches and hotdogs!

We played and danced with them too.

When we were giving away the things, the children entered the queue several times!

They came with their mouths smeared with ketchup or bread crumbs and spoke ..."Auntie, I did not get anything!"

You know, I could not be sad with the lie, they were hungry and never got what they were having that day ...

I heard them saying to each other ... "Yes! Today is our day!"

We were so tired as the line seemed to never end!

Thankfully enough that we could give out repeats.

By late afternoon everyone was happy and content on the way to their houses, at least on that day, empty stomachs was not a problem ...

I share below some pictures from that day.


  1. Beautiful Mrs Nanda, what you did you and the ladies of sisterhood. This shows the love that you had for them and surely they will never forget this day as it meant a lot to them.

  2. This is so touching it only makes me want to do God's work all over the world more. I hope God uses me to do beautiful things like that around the world to.

  3. Very beatiful job Mrs. Nanda! God bless you more!

  4. That seems like it was wonderful day for everyone. May God bless the children and everyone that participated that day.

  5. The work that you did was great Mrs Nanda. The pictures really show the hard word that you had to do to put a smile on those children's faces. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and thank God for choosing us to make a difference in other people's lives.

  6. Wow the queues were really long. But I am glad to know you have made their day. Sometimes we give something to people without realising how much they appreciate. We have to make it a habit to give people who are in need and this can make them come to God and bring them out of misery.A few days ago I gave a lady in the church. Thank you for sharing Mrs Nanda....

  7. That's great Mrs. Nanda, such a beautiful work. I am sure every children were very happy, but I am also sure that in the end of the day those who gave them this opportunity were even happier.

  8. This is lovely idea. Not only did the kids go home with food and having a wonderful time, but they will always remember the church as a place that love, gives, cares about them. I can imagine how tired you all must have been but God will bless you all for it.

    Some of the kids might not be members of the Kid Zone or have parents that come to the church. But one day they remember what they received and come to the church when they feel down or sad. Also their parents who don't know Jesus or the Church will come themselves. Who know's, their could have been a parent crying wondering what she would feed her child that day, and God provided through the sisterhood.

    It must have been a great blessing to be used by God is such a lovely way, I'm sure the children weren't the only one's blessed that day. But entire families and the sisterhood ladies too.

  9. Woow this is so beautiful. Helping others in need brings the up most joy to me. Seeing the reaction of these children just makes me want to embrace them and do the same thing over and over again. Doing works like this is what gives us the drive to continue no matter what.


  10. Amen you are a great role model!!
    God bless you more :)

  11. These pictures are beautiful!
    It's wonderful to see so many children look so happy and to see God been glorified through everything that you all did!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. I wasn't there that saturday but I can see through the pictures all children happiness on that day. God bless you a lot and get you hard to continue on that way. Thank you. Lynda of Montreuil.

  13. May God bless you for giving the children joy on that day. This shows that the Sisterhood is not just about looking pretty but also about touching people’s lives in a meaningful way – bringing smiles upon faces that just need nothing more than an act of love and kindness.


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