Wednesday, 10 November 2010

For reflection...

All the care in the world is not enough when it comes to our testimony.

Testifying is not only telling people about the changes and marvels that God has made in our lives but above all it’s to show these changes and transformations through our gestures and actions…

Surely gestures and actions speak much louder than words; with these we can either glorify our God or embarrass Him.

Now I ask... What kind of testimony have we given?

Have we glorified or embarrassed Him?

You say… “I’m a Christian, I go to church!” and at the same time you don’t think twice before lying.

You say… “I believe in God” but you always get to work late, you don’t stand out in anything, you complain about everything, you don’t add, you don’t make an effort…

You say… “Jesus Christ is the Lord” but at home with your family you are incapable of helping out whether financially or physically…

We would be better off not saying anything, for at least we wouldn’t be embarrassing our God.

Analyze your actions today. What kind of testimony have you been giving? Embarrassing or glorifying?

Only you can change this situation!

Let’s decide today to be vessel of honor for our God!


  1. Our testimony is something we need to watch every day! There's no point in being a vessel of honor for two days and then an embarrassment for the next two days. We need to watch this every day! Thanks for the reminder. – Nancy Namibia

  2. This is very true It has made me think about my own testimony. Thank you very much

  3. I am very weary of my testimony in the church, at work and around friends. However, I have seen that I need to improve when I’m on public transport. God put a verse in my heart about being honourable before the unbelievers so that they may see my testimony and praise God. It may seem insignificant but I realised that in my rush to get to work I am very serious, hardly look to the left or right and can get quite annoyed when people walk slowly to the tube!!!! I determined to change this and last week I was so much happier for being kinder, more considerate and smiling at people…and I still got to work on time! People are observing us without us even knowing it.

  4. Our testimony is so important. Every day at every moment. How do we expect to reach out to others, for others to want to know God and have a relationship with Him if when they look at our life they don't see what we preach, and even at times it seems as if our life is worse than theirs.
    I decide to be a vessel of honor for our God!
    Thank you for this message:)

  5. My testimony at home was really bad, and caused a lot of problems. I needed to learn that my testimony is really imprtant and will be a huge contribution to what leads my family to God. The way I behaved before-always away from home and not really helping out much when I was there, was definately a bad testimony.

  6. We really have to be a testimony at all times.This blog has made me re-think on some of my actions.I want to be a vessel of honour in the hands of God.Everything we do no matter how small it is, God sees what is in our heart.If it is to honour him or just get things done.Our actions reflects who is inside of us.


  7. Thank you for sharing Mrs Nanda ... Maintaining a good testimony is not easy; but can be done ... Indeed, let us reflect on the testimony we have been portraying and ensure it is always a positive one.

    Ethnanda Manley (UK)

  8. Food for thought. Sometimes, when it comes to our testimony we are so careful with bigger and more obvious things that we don't pay much attention to the finer details, such as punctuality and 100% honesty. However, these finer details are the very things that others notice in us and also, these are the things that the devil puts a magnifying glass on to highlight in the sight of others. If we are truly new in Christ, then this should be reflected in our attitude and character. We constantly make mistakes and will never be perfect, but we are more than capable of being a shining example, through which others can see God. If we are truly vessels, God will be with us and that will shine outwardly.


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