Monday, 8 November 2010

You will decide the end of this...

He was waiting for the right moment. How could he bring up the subject without making her suspect?

“I need to act fast, I need to do something if not that little friend of hers is going to mess up everything and tell her where I was and with whom!” he thought.

On his way to his girlfriend’s house, Paul thought of a way to prevent his girlfriend’s friend

from revealing that he had been cheating on her.

“Man, what bad luck!!!” he thought.

Upon arriving to her house, they headed for the living room together but always under the watchful supervision of super mom who doesn’t take her eyes off them.

“My love, I think that friendship of yours with Patricia is not very cool” Paul abruptly states.

Cristina looks at him and doesn’t understand where that idea came from.

“What are you trying to say?” Cristina asks.

“I’m not trying to say anything, I only think that Patricia isn’t a faithful friend and I think you should take a break from your friendship with her.

“Paul, Patricia and I are childhood friends and she has always been a faithful!” Cristina answers not believing what she is hearing.

“Ok, forget it. I just think that you shouldn’t go to her house soo often.” He answered not knowing what else to say to impede their friendship.

“Paul, I hardly ever go to her house!”

“Very well then…”


“Pri, I don’t know what to do! Yesterday I saw Paul with another girl.” Patricia tells her sister.

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Priscila, they were kissing!!!”

“I can’t believe it!!!” Prsicila answered with her eyes wide open in shock.

“That’s right, believe it! That scoundrel is betraying Cristina!” Patricia answered angrily.

“What are you going to do?”

Patricia sighs, rolls her eyes and answers “I just said that I don’t know what to do, I need your help! Should I tell her or not?!!”

“Oh what a situation! If she believes you, she’s going to be devastated! They have been dating for nearly 4 years! That’s going to destroy her!!! On the other hand, if you don’t tell her, you are going to spare her soo much pain for what is out of sight is out of mind but we will still know that he is a cheater and we didn’t do anything about it…” analyzed Prsicila.

Today, you decide, give your opinion…

What would you do if you were in Patricia’s shoes?

What do you think should happen to Paul?

If she finds out the truth, do you think that Cristina should forgive Paul and continue you dating him or not?

Leave your comments and see the story unravel tomorrow.


  1. Its hard very hard, but if I was Cristina I would like Patricia to tell me. If I was Patricia I would think of how I would feel if I was dating Paul and a friend of mine found out what she knows and what she would like to be done to her. Whether Cristina should forgive I think yes, and continuing dating Paul only Cristina can make that decision.

    PS:Personally I would break up with Paul, because if he realy loved me he would not lie and cheat on me.

    Can't wait to see how the story would end.

  2. Eu acho que a verdade deve ser dita independente do sofrimento que a Cristina irá sofrer. Ela já deveria desconfiar que havia algo de errado quando ele pediu para ela se afastar da amiga!
    Eu com certeza terminaria tudo com o Paul e buscaria minha felicidade longe dele!

  3. If i were in Patricia's shoes I would be honest and tell Christina, because if i conceal what I know, when all is revealed, what does that say about me. Isn't a friend meant to be there through thick and thin and make sure that you don't get hurt. Though Christina would get hurt but it would not be as painful as to know that everyone around her knew and did nothing.

    If I were in Christina's shoes, of course i would be desvestated knowing that I have been cheated on after 4 years of dating, I would forgive Paul, but I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. We would go our separate ways, no hard feelings.

  4. I would tell her!

  5. I would not tell, she would be angry with me!

  6. I would loose her friendship... No way.

  7. I wwould tell her if she believed or not.

  8. I would tell her because she is my friend. An unfaithful guy like that is not worthy for her and she will find someone who will truly love her. If she gets angry with me I would simply give her time and space; if she wants to continue to be friends after I will gladly be there for her. And I don't think she should forgive him and go back out together. Not at least after a year to see if he really cares about her.

  9. I will tell her because no matter how much it will hurt her she needs to leave him and find a real encounter with God. He will never fail on her.

  10. I’d tell my friend because above all she is the one that I care about – not Paul and not how I will look. She deserves to make an informed decision about this guy and if she ends up taking him back I will be her friend regardless. When guys try to separate a girl from their friends and isolate them you have to wonder why…Isolation is not healthy and chances are he is up to no good! Would I take Paul back? No. Simply because I’ve been in this situation before and everytime I looked into my boyfriend’s face I wanted to knock him out! LOL. If I was married it would be harder to walk away but whilst we are dating!?!? Forget it.

  11. As a friend I am supposed to care and look out for my friends, so therefore if I one of my friends was in a relationship where they were being cheated on, I would not keep that information to myself self. In fact I would tell my friend because I care and it would be wrong to watch her be deceived. However whether she decides to forgive her boyfriend or not would solely be based on her decision.

  12. Tell her tell her tell her TELL HER!!!!!!!!!


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