Monday, 8 November 2010

Mistake 4

... Continuation of Task #40 for the Single Ladies.

4. She doesn’t want to see…

This is one of the main mistakes in my opinion.

All of the signs signaling that the relationship isn’t going anywhere are there but she chooses to ignore them.

Some of the factors were already discussed in prior tasks but there are many other day-to-day factors that need to be observed.

In my opinion his character and faith are what need to be observed the most. But what good is it to observe and observe if when time comes to take action, she chickens out?!

Many women that now suffer through an unhappy marriage are completely aware that back when they were dating there were signs which they didn’t pay attention to…

I know that the decision to end a relationship can be extremely painful but one thing is for sure, it is much less painful than having to live through an unhappy marriage or even a divorce.

In order to make such a decision you must believe that God has something much better in store for you but this has to be your faith...

Task #40 for the Single Ladies

“Observe and meditate in all of the mistakes mentioned here and identify which one you fit into.

Once you are aware where you have been going wrong, you will need to take action in order to change the situation.

In some cases, simply being on the lookout so as not to continue making the same mistake will be enough but in other cases you will need to dig deeper.

In my case, in which the “fear of being betrayed” was eating me up inside only the deliverance meetings in church were strong enough to help free me entirely from my past.

You need to analyze and decide what else needs to be done to transform these mistakes into something positive.

I am completely certain that with faith in a living God you will reach the abundant life He has promised!

How marvelous my friends!!!

We now have reached our final task and I hope that all of these uncovered “secrets” will be of great value to you all.

It’s with great happiness in my heart that I wish for each of you the same happiness I found in my love life.

Hummm…. Cut! Cut! Can I be even more sincere?!!

My desire doesn’t change anything in your life!!!

The only thing that will change your life for real will be your actions and your faith!

Which is why I will stop here, the rest is up to you!

In faith always,



  1. I seriously cannot wait for this book to be in english..learned soooo much from every step & I want to read it everyday & let others read it too. I am now well aware to what needs to be done to know for sure that I'll have a great marriage to come as I am always going to be on the lookout for everything & USE MY FAITH!
    Thank you Mrs. Fernanda, this truly is helpful too me, a single lady:)

  2. I agree with Nikola.

    Everything written here is beyond helpful

  3. It really is painful to seperate yourself from someone who seems to be perfect for you but is missing the most important characteristic, which is the spiritual. But if you have faith, God will give you someone even better. Thank you Mrs Fernanda for this.


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