Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Things Women do that annoy their Husbands:

  1. Reprimanding him in front of others
  2. Always criticizing what he does
  3. Interrupting him when he is talking
  4. Arguing for insignificant things
  5. Taking away from his authority
  6. Not taking into consideration his opinion
  7. Talking about his flaws constantly
  8. Taking too long to get ready, making him wait for hours
  9. Making him go into all the stores in the mall, knowing he does not like it.
  10. Wanting to talk about problems when he is angry and thinking about other things
  11. Being super jealous and controlling
  12. Treating him as if he were your child and not your husband
  13. Being extremely sensitive and crying for everything
  14. Always saying no, no matter what he asks for
  15. When he is silent and asking him constantly what’s wrong.

I prepared this list with the help of some friends. My intention isn’t to criticize women; I just want to give advice to better the actions we take in our marriage.

Since the list is a bit long, I’ll continue in the next post.

I hope I can be of help

By Tania Rubin


  1. These are completely true; although I'm not married I see these details cause issues between my parents. I will keep these for future reference.

  2. This list is very helpful indeed. I also can’t stand being nagged so I can imagine what it must be like to have a wife that does it constantly. I also agree with the emotional point. Balance is key and nobody likes a crybaby. I think that sometimes women use their tears to be manipulative.

  3. This list is very helpful, indeed will help to take better actions in my marriage. Thank you very much for sharing this list with us Mrs. Nanda

  4. I will keep this always to not do these.
    thank you for the tips

  5. This is a very helpful list. I am not married, but can definitely identify with some of the items on the list in previous relationships. Unfortunately, many of the things on the list come naturally to women, so in order to change we (including myself) need divine intervention and sacrifice!

  6. Although I'm not yet married; I completely agree! Even as a woman, most of the things listed would irritate/annoy me; so it's worthwhile keeping the list in the back of our minds for future reference. Thank you for sharing x

    Ethnanda Manley (UK)

  7. This is very helpful. Although I am not yet married, it is very useful for me to learn more about the opposite sex as to make my marriage a happier and more effective one.

  8. Thank you for the tips learning though not yet married but God is preparing me that i should not be a trouble some wife.

  9. Thanks for the tips! In a marriage it is very easy to irritate your spouse. That's why it is important to have God in the marriage and also to be aware of the things that irritate your spouse and avoid them.


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