Friday, 12 November 2010

The Little Plant and You...

Folks, oh how I love flowers!

Tulips are my favorite, so lovely and delicate…

I don’t just love flowers but plants in general. I love green and it’s really one of my favorite colors.

But I am terrible with them! I try to care for them but I always end up drowning them or letting them die of thirst. I’ve tried to have plants several times but the same thing always happens- they die…

I’ve heard people say that plants require lots of love and attention and others even talk to their plants…

So, what am I trying to say with all of this?

I have no idea! I was getting ready to type about something that has just escaped my mind… can you believe that?

But here goes the main point I was trying to make…

We need to be strong and healthy, not just our physical body but mainly our soul…

The devil plans our defeat daily, he is patient (that disgusting thing!), he knows how to wait for the right moment to bring problems, which is generally when we are weak and while we are weak he attacks.

Therefore, when facing hardships don’t forget:

*Your faith is your fortress. If your fortress is weak, the city will be seized! Strengthen your fortress and use it against your enemy.

*During these moments the only consolation we need comes from the Holy Spirit. Do you know those moments when people can try to help and speak to you but nothing consoles you? Well, He will help you. Seek Him today and always!

* The weak say I AM STRONG! Don’t accept defeatist thoughts that can come to mind.

*The devil enjoys and has a blast when we cry. He teases us.

* Open up to God, tell Him everything you are feeling, empty yourself until you have nothing left to say.

* Trust, trust and trust! Even if you can’t see any sign, even if it’s very hard to keep on going, even if it seems impossible to find a way out, even if everything gets worse, even if everyone is against you, even still let’s TRUST. It’s not easy at all my friends but it is essential for our victory.

Our God never fails!

Even after so much incoherence, I hope I was able to pass on what I wanted to say…


  1. You did, thank you so much!

  2. you did Mrs Nanda thank you for this, it really helped me!!

  3. This is so true, and just like the plant is so delicate in our hands, that's how we are before God – who won't forget to water us, care for us and even talk to us, when we put ourselves under His care.

  4. When we grow small seed and after few days it result in the bigger plants, therefore that would be very significant for all of us to grow the plant.

  5. I have been reading your blogs for a while and they always seem to help lift up my spirit somehow. Yesterday night I had to face something like that. And it's true, God is always with us.

  6. Yes very true. When we cry during tribulations we are never consoled but feel even weaker and more desperate, however when we do the opposite and choose to be strong, crying out to God for help, then our faith truly saves us. God is a deliverer to all those who rely on Him.

  7. Your message was clear and very helpful. All we can do is hold on blindly to God and we will make it, always.

  8. The devil is patient, he has a plan and if that one fails he has many others for us.

    "Your faith is your fortress.
    Open up to God, tell Him everything you are feeling, empty yourself until you have nothing left to say."

    Our God is always there, tending to us as precious and delicate plants need it, He won't leave us, He won't forget us or not care enough for us. Trust in Him is definitely the key.
    Thank you Mrs.Nanda for this message.

  9. Indeed the devil waits for our weakness moments and then, because he has an army already prepared with all sorts of weapons, he attacks and his aim is to completely wipe us out! I have experienced this a number of times in my walk with God, but in recent years I learned to turn his attacks around on him. After crying out to God I praise Him and thank Him for His salvation and for never forsaking me. I know that this makes the devil angry. Then I continue doing things as if my weaknesses and problems didn't exist.This is to show satan that I too will put up a fight!

  10. Just as the plant needs attention water, and sunlight (otherwise it dies)…so do we also need the Holy Sprit. I was thinking the other day our physical bodies are in NEED of water. We need it for so many things, to clean, to drink etc. Without water our physical bodies would only survive so long. Even if we had fizzy drinks, or fruit juice, we would still at some point need pure clean water to cook, clean, brush our teeth, wash our hair and clothes. But just as we can see our physical bodies depend on water (and many other useful commodities), our spiritual life depends and needs the Holy Sprit.

  11. This was so nice Mrs Fernanda.It is so true that the devil waits when we are weak then he attacks.It happened to me before so many times when I was feeling really low. I ended up doing something that I even regret up until now.There were times when I cried because of problems not knowing I am only giving pleasure.When we cry out to God during those moments for strength He gives it to us and become to overcome anything the devil throws at us.


  12. This is true because pastor was talking about how the devil just waits and waits until we are weak and he just swoops in and attacks us. but what we need to do is be strong and go to the lord for gudance.


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