Monday, 8 November 2010

Task 40 for the single ladies - She's independent!

Dear friends, I am certain that God has guided us through these 40 tasks.

Today we reach the last one but it doesn’t mean its over; from now on you can write your next challenges yourself.

During this journey we have touched upon many subjects and today we are going to close off our task with a golden key.

Today you are single but it won’t stay that way. Very soon you will find the person that will make you happy but I ask you: “Are you ready to make that person happy?”

I want to discuss 4 common mistakes that single ladies make when they are in a relationship:

1. She is too independent!

This is normal. After getting used to living as you please, many fall into this mistake which can become a big problem in a relationship.

While single, you go out with your friends to the movie theater, you dine out and do

things of this sort without worrying about anything but now you are no longer single.

“Nanda, so are you saying that now that I’m dating I shouldn’t do anything with my friends? Should I forget them?” You might be asking yourself…

Of course not! That would be unfair on your part.

What I’m trying to say is that you need to communicate with the other part of the relationship, give him the scoop on your life, let him know your plans etc…

There isn’t anything worst than finding things out from third parties…

“Hey so-and-so, I saw your girlfriend leaving the movie theater yesterday night…” He hears from a friend.

Can you see what a problem this can arise? By the time you get to explaining that you were with your friends many things can happen…”

You see, my friend, something that seems so dumb can end a relationship that would otherwise have what it takes to make it.

Stay posted, for tomorrow we will discuss mistake #2…


  1. I never thought of that as a problem "being too independent"; I'm so used to doing things on my own but I see how and why I need to curb that independence. Thank you.

  2. This is certainly an issue that has torn many relationships apart, so this post proves necassary to prepare a woman for a healthy and blessed marriage. I will make sure to incoporate this in my marriage.


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