Monday, 8 November 2010

Mistake 2

...Continuation of Task #40 for the Single ladies.

2. She’s a “bit” bossy, authoritarian.

Before we begin I need to emphasize that this is not a rule and not everyone is like this, otherwise, I can already see all the emails I will receive complaining that I am generalizing…

Well, let’s get down to what’s important…

Although not everyone behaves this way, a great majority does- but don’t think you’re alone. If this serves as any consolation, I have also caught myself in this same position.

After becoming used to being in charge of our own life, when in a relationship many times we think that we have a right to boss the other person around, take charge of certain situations, give unrequested opinions and we even get upset when these opinions are not taken well.

Perhaps it’s the “motherly instinct” that flows through our blood, I don’t know!

But the truth dear friends, is that men don’t like being bossed around. God didn’t create them this way.

Actions like these make them feel inferior.

In reality this isn’t only a feeling, when we are bossy and authoritarian we indeed put them down. What a terrible thing!

So my friends, it’s not by chance that this can bring problems to a relationship- not only while dating but also in marriage, only in that case, it’s an even more serious problem.

Even before getting married, we need to know our position in the relationship and if you’re a young Christian then you already know who should be the lead role.

With that I am not trying to say that while dating your fiancé or boyfriend has the right to order you around left and right, no, not at all!

I just want to emphasize that mutual respect must exist from the beginning.

If, on the other hand, your boyfriend is a bit “slow,” he doesn’t make decisions and doesn’t occupy the position that he should… then it’s a good reason for you to sit down and evaluate whether he is the right person.

Stay posted because tomorrow we will discuss mistake #3!


  1. You always have the right words to say, thank you for sharing,

  2. Being bossy does bring problems. Balance is necessary in a relationship, I agree.


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