Monday, 29 November 2010

“Ms. Goody- Two- Shoes”

During a certain phase in my life, Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes would come visit me frequently- we were great friends.

Generally, during a strong message or when I read a passage in the Bible, she would come visit me.

She would sit beside me during the meeting and whisper…

“Do you see? So-and-so should be here to hear to this!” “Hummmmm, this word fits like a glove on so-and-so.” “Look at her… Check to see if she’s paying attention, that’s exactly what she needs to hear…”

During my Bible readings…

“Just look at that verse!!! It speaks so strongly to that other so-and-so! She needs to read this!”

The funny thing is that Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes never told me when something was wrong with me; she only had eyes for other people. I never had any flaws; the word was never directed to me but always to others…

One day my eyes were opened and I realized how ridiculous and mistakenly righteous Ms Goody-to-Shoes was. I gathered courage and expelled her from my life!

Now I can hear God’s voice for myself and not for others.

During the meetings I always invite Ms. Look-at-Yourself to sit by my side and contrary to Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, she makes me look inside myself… The words preached during the service are always for me. During my Bible reading I see that I have to a lot to change!

It isn’t easy, Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes doesn’t want to lose your friendship, and especially not to Ms. Look-at-Yourself!! Every once in while she reappears and I need to put her in her place.

Of course, there are times that we think, with no malice intended, that a certain word can be of true benefit to one person or another. But this shouldn’t happen with much frequency because if it does then we will become arrogant and mistakenly righteous and that will surely not help us at all; what’s worse is that it doesn’t please God.

Look at your life and your actions; observe who has been visiting you frequently. It its Ms. Goodly-Two-Shoes, get rid of her and invite Ms. Look-at-Yourself to sit beside you. She will help you a lot more…


  1. This has happened to me before! It's actually destroying because you realise that you become stagnant and stop growing. Yes, it would be good for others to hear but most importantly, I've learnt to look inside myself and examine myself.

    This article is a blessing! It's a good strong reminder to not miss out on God's direction during services. I never forget what a Pastor said, when we point a finger at someone else there are three fingers pointing back at us.

    Thanks for sharing Mrs Fernanda, this article is a blessing.

    Rosie Gbegnedji

  2. I absolutely love this post! I thought that it was a real person at times. There are so many times when I have done this myself and looked at the speck in someone else’s eye rather than the plank in my own. I always try really hard to take at least some part of the message for me because if God placed me there to hear it, then indeed He knows I need it. The day we think that we are passed hearing the voice of God is the day that we are in serious trouble! I have recently realised that if I focus on everything within me that needs to improve I will have no time to look at others!!!!

  3. I can not even count the amount of times i have done this... convincing myself that i have actually helping... when our focus is on changing we have little time to focus on the mistakes of others. Although i know it, this message just serves as a reminder when i forget who i am...

    Thanks Mrs Fernanda

  4. Listening to Ms Goody two shoes is a definite problem. I always try to ignore her when she tries to creep up on me.
    PS: I love the picture.

  5. Very true, you always learn something new everyday

  6. When I started reading this, the first thing I said to myself was "wow, I was doing that today in the service". I have to confess, sometimes this happens to me, but it's usually about the same person. This person is a friend of mine, who has recently started coming back to the church and genuinely, I want them to grow, so I often end up saying "oh, so and so should be here to hear this" when the word is being preached. Lately, God has been speaking to me and showing me that I need to stop doing that and concentrate on taking the word for myself. I take this blog as further reinforcement! It is like you said Mrs Fernanda, we have to be careful of doing this as it is definitely and easy habit to develop and not so easy to get rid of!

  7. I love this message it is what I faced. I would always be in the service and I would hear the pastor preaching or reading a bible verse and I would think to myself I hope this person is listening and do they know it is for them. my mind would instantly think of people to direct what the message was. I never once directed it to myself. Not until one day I woke up and cannot remember when or how but all I know is thank God I did.

    I had this new attitude towards services and when reading my bible. I can say I stopped looking at others and started taking the rebukes for myself. Whenever I would hear or see something I would really examine myself to see if I have been doing that or acting like that. It is the best thing I have ever done and will always continue to. It helps to keep myself in line and also grow in my spiritual life.

  8. I really like this post Ms.Nanda because it has happend to me and I remember thinking why am I pointing the finger if I should be looking at myself and my mistakes. It takes away all your peace if you keep looking at others lifes and what they are doing. We should focus on our lifes and our relationship with God. How you said in another blog look up to Jesus because hes the only one with out mistakes.
    Thank You for this post. Its really strong.

  9. I like this blog a lot. So many times we are quick to look at others (the small spec in their eyes) but then we forget the massive plank in our's. We become religious and proud.

    But like you said Mrs Nanda, looking at ourselves enables us to not only to become better people but to keep our hearts clean from pride and religiousness. We tend to pray first and forget the watching part, which should be to watch ourselves. I will definitely make sure I keep Ms. Look-at-Yourself beside me, so that I am humble.

    God Bless you for the post, it is a blessing

  10. This is very powerful Mrs Fernanda. The problem is that when you think that a certain message is for someone, it shows pride in a person. Because you will be thinking “it’s not for me”, the devil will have access and make you think that you are ok. Other people will grow in their faith and you will still be the same because you think you certain messages is not for you.We have to stop observing other people and look at ourselves to see if there is anything that need s changing inside..

    Croydon UK

  11. How funny you put it Mrs Nanda... hihi!

    But it is a fight, I've been there and was not easy, but I realized sooner and the cure was with no much pain, the problem is when the person let this grow inside and never realizes how proud she have became...

  12. Miss Goody-Two-SHoes has definately visised me on more than required occasions. She is a deceiver as she wants us to notice other people's short comings so that we can overlook our own.

    Miss Look-At-Yourself is most welcome to occupy her seat next to me at all tims as she reminds me that I am a work in progress and should constantly work at becoming a better me.

  13. I feel like this too sometimes, maybe even more than I should. I really need to make Ms Look-at-Youself my friend, as Ms Goody two shoes will definitely lead me into trouble, but also is very distracting in services.

  14. I couldn't agree with you more Mrs Nanda ... So many times the temptation is there to slip into the 'miss goody-two-shoes' role; where we think we have the moral high ground and are therefore 'holy above all' ... It's something that needs to be monitored daily.

    Ethnanda Manley (UK)

  15. Ms. Goody-Two Shoes is a very persistent visitor since it comes from our flesh. Our flesh is always looking around at other people's lives but we definitely have to get rid of her. This is what many times impede us from growing spiritually. Since we are so busy with others business we don't realize that we have to change and focus in our own lives. I am working on ignoring Ms. Goody-Two Shoes and paying more attention to Ms. Look-at-Yourself, it is not easy but I will get there.

  16. After reading this I started to practice it because Ms. Goody-two-shoes would always like to accompany me to church and all over the place. However, once I started to invite Ms. Look-at-yourself to sit beside me I started to change even more because no longer was everything directed towards other people but it was directed towards myself.


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