Monday, 8 November 2010

Feel like crying?...

The other day a young lady came to speak with me and she was upset.

She was having problems at work and was feeling persecuted.

She hadn’t even started telling me what happened yet her eyes were already filled with tears, she was without a doubt very sad.

We spoke for some time and she left with a smile on her face.

Some weeks later she returned very sad and troubled once again, it was another problem and once again she was very upset and cried a lot.

In these moments when it seems that everyone is against us, where the persecution is relentless, when we feel the need to cry and cry….

…Only doing God’s will is not enough!!!

That’s right, I’m not crazy!

You need to resist!!!

Every time we cry the devil gets cheery! That’s it!!! He got what he wanted!

In James 4:7 it is very clear!

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

If we don’t resist and breakdown every time something annoys us, that means that the devil has a feast! It means that he will not flee and will not stop tormenting us.

Use your faith my friend, refuse to cry, be strong! Strike out the devil, see things through the spiritual side and he will flee from you!!!


  1. I agree, emotions don't lead anywhere. We have to see the unseeable. Believe that victory is ours no matter what, because we have God.

  2. I used to cry a lot and many real friends in church supported me but told me to stop being sentimental. Now some people think I'm heartless/unhuman because I don't cry much.: )

  3. I agree. As Christians, we are constantly at war with satan, who is always plotting ways to steal our joy. We therefore, need to grow thicker skin. In the beginning of my faith I was also very sensitive, but as time passed I realised that crying really didn't solve my problems. One day something happened that really upset me, but as I was about to cry, I decided to sing praises to God instead. I knew that this made satan angry, which gave me much joy!

    Of course, there are times when we really do need to cry. In those times we should cry out to God, who will doubtless come to our rescue.

  4. I concur! Emotions are temporary, but he Spirit of God is forever; it lifts us up when we are down and strengthens and empowers us when we are feeling weak and overwhelmed.

    Ethnanda Manley (UK)

  5. Yesss! We shouldn't let Satan get away with making our lives miserable. WE should always be with god because he can turn our tears of sorrow to tears of happiness and joy :)


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