Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What team are you on?

I was very pensive just now…

It’s incredible how certain people can give up so easily on their dreams.

The first stone, the first obstacle and that’s it! They don’t want to try any more, they give up!

“It’s too hard” they say.

My God! What about their salvation? Will they give up on that too? Way too hard? Too much sacrifice???

Well, I learned that those that play on God’s team never give up!

They fight till the end. They fight, fight and fight!

Of course, if your dreams are things that are contrary to God’s will, then that means that you are not playing on God’s team.

My friends, we will never conquer anything without fighting for it and persevering. Have you ever seen someone conquer something without fighting for it?

Those that give up don’t conquer and are defeated.

Therefore, before accepting a challenge, before getting into a fight, think it through…

How have you been dealing with situations?

Do you give up? Do you fight?

The response demonstrates who you are and what team you’re on…


  1. It is true, great things are not conquered easily. Those who are victorious are those who fight until they have received what they want. Though the fight may be hard, we cannot give up for the reward will be great. Thank you for this message

  2. I’ve learnt this recently and I know now that going after my dreams requires quality of faith and a spirit of determination. I also think that humbleness is key (to keep getting back up after a knockback). I am seeing this in my life and I keep going, even though to the fleshly eye nothing has appeared yet. However, spiritually I see all things and this is my strength.

  3. "Have you ever seen someone conquer something without fighting for it?"
    It's true, I've never seen this. To conquer something we need to fight and give our all till the end, specially when it comes to our faith, our relationship with God, and serving Him. How can we give up and be defeated on what it is the most important of all. Thank you for this message.

  4. What I have learnt this nothing good comes easy and if it does be watchful, because the same way it was received easy is the same way it will be lost easy.

    I have seen that I need to fight and not to look back on all the things I have done already which has not worked, as this will only discourage me from focusing on what I need to do. Staying focused and preserve till the end. Also to not let my emotions control my actions. Only my faith will carry me through to my victories.

  5. It's like a stormy weather, you know that after the storm comes the beautiful rainbow..
    Thank you

  6. Many people give up easily when they see an obstacle in the way. Growing up I have realized that nothing comes without a fight. And if you are on God’s team you will have many blockages but you will get a great victory afterwards. Facing challenges is what actually make us grow in our faith. Giving up on something its like saying to the devil he is won and God lost.


  7. As the saying goes "easy come, easy go" The best and most precious things in life are those things that we have fought hard for. They are also the most valuable. Nothing of little or no value is difficult to achieve. When we give up on our dream at the first hurdle, it shows us that we didn't truly want that dream in the first place. When you want something bad enough, you will ALWAYS fight for it, no matter what!

  8. Hi Mrs Nanda I would add... given up is for those who are weak.

    But why ARE they weak?

    Without the Holy Spirit we just a matter of time, as if for that person exist a deadline already, up to there she can make with the strength of her own.
    But those who are born of God overcome the world!

  9. Even when we do not feel like continuing the fight, and when the battle we are in seems too much and helpless; we must never give up. In order to achieve we have to go against these feelings which are solely there to make us give up. Instead of giving up we have to fight back harder and stronger until we receive the results we want.

  10. There is no blessing without sacrifice and no sacrifice without pain ... Difficult moments will always come; but we should look at them as 'character building' opportunities rather than an invitation to give up and keep our eyes focused on our Lord.

    Ethnanda Manley (UK)

  11. we cannot give up on our dreams especially our salvation as you said even when it gets hard we have to just keep focusing on our prize!


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