Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ohhhh What Days!!!

This fast was quite an eye opener wasn’t it?

I was filled with joy every day as I read so many marvelous testimonies of people being baptized with the Holy Spirit and others being renewed.
I hope that it has also been “Oh what days” for you as well.

And what about the song? Girls, what a beautiful song, I never get tired of hearing it. My Itunes counter marks that I’ve heard it 332 times and counting!!!! hehehe

The first time I heard the song I even cried due to its beauty. In one of our radio programs here in London a guy wrote…” This song is soo beautiful that it sucks out all of the entertainment from my mind!” Hehehehe, I thought it was very funny and isn’t it true?!

And do you know what? I even forgot how to turn on the television!!!! Heheheh

This week I invite you to reread our task, let’s go back to the first one and read all of them once again. Once we’ve done that we will pick up where we left off; therefore, during this week I will be posting, but not the continuation of the dare just yet, okay?!

A big kiss for you all! 

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