Monday, 18 April 2011

Task #10 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Even while new in the church, I really liked listening to the radio program “Bishop Macedo’s Friendly Word.” 
Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I used to live in Miami and a relative would send us various cassettes containing the radio messages once a month (you can see how long ago that was!!!lol)
Folks, my mother-in-law and I treasured those cassettes so much that we got to the point of being zealous of them, can you believe it?!!!
If someone borrowed one of them to listen to and didn’t return them to us, then beware!!! Lol
Nowadays with so much technology, everyone can have access to these messages. It’s so different from back in the days, right?!
Let’s use this tool that is the internet to feed our soul and best of all is that it doesn’t matter where you are!
You no longer have to bother a relative in Brazil to record and send them to you; you don’t even have to tune in to the radio at a certain time!
You can access these messages any time you want!
The other day I was listening to a message that spoke very strongly to me; in fact, I will be talking about this on Task #11.
So, here goes our next task…
Task #10 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“From now on you will listen to at least two of Bishop Macedo’s messages a week.”
·       If you can listen to one message per day, even better!
·       If you own a MP3 or iPod then you can record the messages every week and listen to them during your commute to work. It’s a wonderful way to get the most out of your time.
·       Generally, I like to listen to the messages when I’m working on the computer.
·       Do you know your day to iron clothes? Instead of watching TV, listen to the messages.
·       Don’t do it just to fulfill a task. When the message is over think about what God was trying to tell you.
·       I don’t recommend that you listen to one message after another otherwise, you won’t grasp anything. Try to listen and meditate on what you are hearing.
Click here to access Bishop Macedo’s Podcasts where you will be able to access his messages each week.
If you prefer to listen to his messages on the radio then you can tune in to Rede Aleluia.

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