Friday, 29 April 2011

Task #12 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

I was thinking about beauty and today we are going to discuss a subject that will make some of you cry but it will be well worth it (don’t despair! rs.)

Very often we think that in order to change something in our appearance for the better we’ll have to do something major, make lots of efforts and spend rivers of money- but that’s not true.

I remember one day Cris was looking at me in a funny way and it wasn’t long before I discovered the reason why…

“Can I do your eyebrows?” the question came out of nowhere.

I had never done them before because at the time the “Malu Mader” style was in, remember that?

And so there I went and I didn’t regret it!

It took a while because I kept crying due to the tweezers but the final result was a transformation!!!

My face appeared more gentle and softer, girls, I loved it!!!

It’s been many years now and I still groom them and now it’s your turn…
Task #12 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“If you’ve never had your eyebrows done, you will find a professional and get them done.”

No more hairy harry eyebrows girls!

I would like to ask you, if possible, to take a before and after photo and post them on my Facebook page.
I am certain that you will love your new brows and it will be a true transformation.

I will post the best ones here on my blog for all to see, how about it?!


  1. Hi Mrs Nanda thank you for this post, as they said beauty is pain, its always nice to look t best at all times and little things like eyebrows and unibrows do make a big diffrence K.Gordon (UK)


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