Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Task #11 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Fernanda, say something! Anything! Come on, think!!! What kind of silence is this?!” I thought to myself while trying to find something to talk about.

I was with all of my friends when suddenly I found myself alone with someone I wasn’t close to at all…

With nothing to talk about and terribly uncomfortable, I decided to keep quiet (something that isn’t natural in me.)

I was remembering that day and compared it to our relationship with God.

When we are intimate with God, words seem to be endless; it’s like when two friends meet and conversation is the last thing that goes lacking!

We should all have that same relationship in which we feel so comfortable in our God’s presence that words flow, our prayers are constant and our intimacy with Him grows.
Seeking to reach that level of closeness with God, we arrive at our next task…

Task #11 for Becoming  a Lovelier Woman

“Each week we are going to set aside some time only to speak, seek and dance in the presence of God!”

That’s it! We are going to seek that closeness, only you and Him! Not depending on others, no intermediaries.

Let’s find a moment in which we can lock ourselves in our rooms and speak freely with Him.

Let’s talk about our happiness, worries, things we need to change, something He has revealed to us, let’s praise and dance for Him!

In reality, I feel like doing that right now!

1 comment:

  1. I love this task, but it doesn't feel like a task to me it's always a pleasure to sing, dance, talk and have lunch with God. He's my Best Friend !!


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