Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A New Dare!

First was the "Love Dare" for the married women, then there was the "40 Day Dare for the Single Ladies. "

We also had the "Challenge for a Healthy Life", which I'll be relaunching very soon here in the blog for those who want to take care and have a healthy life.

All these challenges were inspired by God and were a success for those who strive to do the tasks.

After that I have prayed and asked ... "Now what? What can we do to be better for God and everyone around us?"

I have searched this direction from God for quite a while, and today it happened!

A big problem I see happening, especially through the numerous emails I receive, is “lack of time”.

I myself, am often caught in this wave so that means that I'll be in this with you, doing and learning tasks.

I’ve already started some tasks for myself and can see results, so I'll share them with you!


  1. This is amazing. I only just read this today, therefore I am behind. But I willing to do it, so I will let you know how its goes xxx

  2. We should always make task for our selves nometter how busy we are at the end we will be the ones who will gain from the task we are making.

  3. Happened to bump into these new tasks you have started and I'm IN! Although a little behind, I will strive to do them dilligently. I could have brushed right past your blog and thought "I really do not have time...". But since I want to be a LOVELIER woman, I shall jump on this boat and take part in this venture so that God can mould me into a lovelier woman :-))

  4. I may be a bit late, but I am sure jumping into this boat because I want to take part in this adventure! I could have brushed past your blog and "ignore" this challenge, with the excuse of not having "time". But I have decided to roll my sleeves and get to work. Becoming better and lovelier was never going to be easy and you can never get anything without sacrificing something in return.

  5. I think the big problem is yes anyone can make up tasks for their daily lives, but the challenge is being committed to complete the tasks we have made for ourselves!!! and our main excuse is we don't have time, but we should make time for things that is important in life.

  6. I look forward to being part of this challenge to become a better and more organised woman.


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