Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Task #2 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Stressed-out Kitty

We will soon see results of the first task, for it is important in three aspects:

1.     Spiritual Growth - Because praying and meditating in His word will lead us to this.

2.     We step on the devil - He’s always accusing us but when we don’t read the bible or speak to God, the devil comes armed with everything and makes a person feel so guilty that she even feels weak and far from God, isn’t that right?

3.     Tithing our Time - We’ll see that we have enough time for everything, but we also have to act.

It isn’t enough for us to tithe, we need to act and that’s where Task #2 comes in…

Task #2 For Become a Lovelier Woman!

“Today you are going to identify things that waste your time and reduce them or eliminate them from your life.”

I’ve prepared the list below to help make things easy for you.

Possible Wasters of Precious Time:

      1 -  Internet- Limit the time you spend on the internet (that’s if you don’t depend on it for work). If you don’t set limits, you’re going to forget about time while “surfing” the web.
My Suggestion: Go online for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon and that’s it. Only visit sites that are going to add something to you, like for example, read the blogs that strengthen you spiritually. Make sure that you monitor your time…Start doing this today and tell me how it went tomorrow.

2 - E-mails – Like with the internet, check your emails only two to three times a day, that’s if you receive lots of e-mails. Don’t spend over 30 minutes with them (assuming you don’t use email for work purposes.)

3 -  Television – If you’re a housewife chances are that you’ve picked up the habit of leaving the T.V. on while you do household chores and before you know it, you’ve spent most of your time seduced by some program that you have to rush against time to do everything. You then get angry, turning into a stressed-out kitty (see photo above lol.)
My Suggestion: Set aside a time for watching T.V., never during the day. I suggest it be after all of your tasks are complete, including dinner… Then take a soothing bath and relax while watching a suitable T.V. program. You’ll also notice that you will feel like true heroines, for you’ll have time to do all of your tasks.
A Tip: Exchange watching TV during the day to listening to a Christian radio. Liberty Radio if you are in the UK is a great option, others countries can even listen to it via the internet...

4 -  Sleeping Too Much- Remember that popular saying “Early to bed, early to rise, makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well, I believe it’s true, if you don’t, then let’s test it out
My Suggestion: Wake up early during these 40 days, it’s better to avoid sleeping over 8 hours (it’s also not recommended to sleep less than 8 hours but I understand that this isn’t possible for everyone…) For those who can, sleeping 1 or 2 hours after lunch will renew and restore your will to get through the remaining tasks… (I know what many of you are going to say… “A nap during the day- I wish!” but remember this is for those who have this possibility.)

5 -  Laziness- This is a terrible enemy. If you are a lazy person, you’ll need to change this scenario; you’ll need to fight against it!
My suggestion: Immediately do the things that you are lazy about doing, even if it’s only during these 40 days (I’m counting on this becoming a habit…

6 - Daydreaming- This can seem like a joke but its serious!!! Have you noticed the times you catch yourself staring into space and daydreaming? That makes us waste time and many times those dreams lead us to remember things from the past which don’t lead us to anything….
My Suggestion: Daydreaming is only worthwhile if we “dream” about God’s word, besides that, stop daydreaming!

7 -  Doing Things Slowly- If we don’t determine a set time for each task, then we’ll do things on our time, in other words, slowly. This leads us to waste time and I know exactly what I’m talking about friends!!
My Suggestion: While organizing your daily tasks, determine a start time and an end time and stick to it, you can be sure that you’ll see great results. 

8 - Telephone- That’s right, for many the telephone is a great enemy. They spend too much time texting friends or even talking on the phone and they lose the sense of time.
My Suggestion: Be in control of your time and don’t get lost in long conversations with friends, especially if you speak to each other every day!

That’s all for today friends, now let’s put it into practice…


  1. Thanks Mrs Nanda for posting these tasks. I have been following the 'becoming a lovelier women' because it really helpful guide for self discipline and guidance. Sometimes times are wasted on things which has no benefict. For the most challenging part of this is the sleeping early even although I have to wake early sometimes but I do not sleep for eight hours sleep is always mostly less. This will be a challeng for me.

  2. Wow, These tasks are really helpful! I am going to apply all of it to my life from now on; especially the one of not doing thing slowly. Thank you Mrs Nanda.

  3. This is seems like a great game plan, which is something I desperately need, since I tend to have issues with time management. This really spoke to me today, since lately I don't feel like I have time for anything anymore. Especially the bit about laziness and doing things slowly! Although I know it will be a challenge, I am determined to become closer to God, so there really is no way around it.

  4. This is extremely helpful,this will help me to become that extra bit organised and it all adds to being a Lovelier woman which this challenge is about.

  5. Indeed i am looking foward into putting this in practice.

    Bronx, NY

  6. Hi Ms Nanda,

    These suggestions are really good, many times we say time is are greatest enemy but not realizing that we can help by reducing the things that waste our time. I am definitely going to start putting these task to practice.


  7. Thank you for writing this. It's very hard for me to prioritize but I do need to do it. It gave me amazing ideas on where to start.

  8. Good day Mrs Nanda!

    If we tell our selves to do something we can do it, it all depends on us and there is no one who can stand on our way we are the ones who block our selves in not doing what we suppose to do.

  9. Hey Mrs. Nanda!
    I agree with you. All of the things on your list are a big waste of time. I will take out all the things that waste up my time and dedicate to someone better, God.

  10. Everybody always says this line"time don't wait for nobody" which I think is so true wasting time on nonsense is so ridiclious, especially on things that is not important like : Texting, watching T.V. or even on Facebook!! I think we all need to focus our time little bit more on GOD. He should be our main focus in life.

  11. I wish I could say that I can cut back on a lot of these time wasters and make extra time for myself. It seems that I am so busy my days just pass me by. I am married, have a 4 year-old daughter, a full time job that includes 2 hours of driving to and from work, and so many other God/church related activities that I have taken on. I feel very overwhelmed at times. I want to so badly have extra time to spend with God. Sometimes I ask God to allow me to get let go from work (because it is very hard for me to leave) so that I have a lot of free time to read the Bible and spend time with Him. I know that, regardless, I need to MAKE the time for my Lord and not the things of this world.

  12. This week I was like this stressed out kitty! I refuse for next week to be the same so I'm definitely taking up this task! As I've started to identify the time wasting culprit I’ve seen how I can already seen how things can be different!

  13. This is a nice and positive message that speaks to me alot! I will try to manage my time more and have better plans(: thank you!

  14. I definitely need to organize my time. These 40 days will be amazing.

  15. Mrs Nanda, to be honest with you this is going to be the biggest sacrifice its not going to be easy for me, first internet i can spend the hours and hours in the internet, especial the social network such as Ark-community and my excuse is that its from the church but i will do my best, the next one is laziness but with this one m already seen the difference m not a pledge yet but the task that we are given though this rush months has help me a lot and m looking forward to change completely. Thanks!! Our 40 days is going to be interesting.

  16. Mrs.Nanda thank you for this blog it really helps me. Now I learned to save my time: )

  17. Hi Mrs.Nanda,
    Thank you for sharing this tasks. I believe, it will really help us to manage and accomplish many things on time. I'll put it into practice Mrs.Nanda. Kisses!

  18. Hi Mrs.Nanda,
    Thank you so much for sharing this tasks. It will hep us a lot in managing and accomplishing many things on time. I will put all those tasks in to practice Mrs.Nanda. Kisses!

  19. Thank you Mrs. Nanda for sharing all of this to us! This really helpful for us!
    Thank you Ma'am!

    Erika from Philippines

  20. I have been managing my time this week and I notice I have been able to do other things and more important things. I used to waste time on facebook and watching TV but this week I have not been on facebook that much and only watching one TV program in the morning and one ion the evening.

  21. A few weeks ago I stopped using the Internet on Monday evenings when I was home (unless it was urgent) because I realised that it was taking up too much of my time. I now use that time to clean my room and have some 'me time' like taking a bath - to prepare me for the week ahead. You are so right about putting times to tasks. I used to do this constantly but I stopped. Looking back I see just how helpful it was to me and so I will start this again.

  22. Dear Mrs Nanda! Thank you for blessing us with these posts, i will tell you the truth that they are going to bless me much more if I put them into practice! And I will do it!
    Karla cristina

  23. Even though we are involved with the things of God time management is something that applies to everyone and everything we do, because that's something i've noticed lately that time is against me, so its the way i use my time effectively.

  24. This task is great! Since I'm starting late, I have managed to cut off most of the things on the list above, thanks to the 21 days of the Daniel fast! But there are still some things I can work on. Thanks Mrs Nanda.

  25. This has to be something I definitly HAVE to put into practice... Sleeping early is th most vital for me, I don't sleep to much but I sleep late which means I don't wake up on time and that makes me lazy! There surely needs to be discipline for this task..x

  26. Telephone is the one for me,i never realy realised this to be honest and really wastes alot of time because i can talk and text on the phone for hours then when i look at the time i say to myself 'WOW! time has gone quick' but in that moment it doesnt feel like it.


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