Thursday, 24 February 2011

Task #3 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Have you had funny experiences asking children what they want to be when they grow up?

Well, I’ve had my share of responses. Generally, children want to be something that they saw and admired in someone.

If their dad is a police officer then they usually want to be one also, right?

I remember being very young and going to the bank with my dad or my mom. I loved it when the ladies helped us, do you know why?

I noticed that they were always well groomed and their nails were always very well done!

For some time I used to tell myself…”When I grow up I’m going to be a bank clerk!”

After some time I noticed that my math teacher was always put together and pretty and I decided that I too was going to be a teacher!!!

Do you know when a child says… “When I grow up I want to be a Sunday school teacher.” Or when the little boy says… “I want to be a pastor when I grow up!!”

Well, they want to “be” what they admire…

In the same way we can be God’s reference to children, teenagers, women, sons and daughters.

Image is very important indeed! It’s not essential but very important!

Therefore, beauty tips will also make part of this Dare.

And today we are going to start by our hands!

One of the first things that attract my attention in a woman are her hands, more precisely, her nails. You can be certain that I’m not the only one.

Our nails say a lot about us, in fact, they shout!

Task #3 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“From now on you are going to keep your nails well groomed and well cared for all week long.”

Tip: Pick a day of the week to redo your nails (I particularly like Saturday so that on Sunday, which is a special day, they look pretty).

The first step in caring for your nails is to make sure they are at the right length, in other words, not too long or too short. For the Brazilians that are already used to it, remove the cuticles (if you’ve never done this, which is ideal, simply pushing them back with a cuticle stick should be enough.) Finally, choosing the nail polish can be either the finishing touch or a total disaster…

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a French manicure. Red, wine and grape are colors that look very elegant…

And if you allow me to give my opinion, contrary to the current trend, don’t even think about yellow, green, blue, orange and black!

Look how charming our Big Sister’s nails look in pink. Mrs. Evelyn I can’t see yours!rs

Mrs Ester and Alininha with a French manicure.

And to finish it off, look how charming these two look! Wine and red, lovely!


  1. It is so true to say that young children do want to be who they admire. And as a woman of God we have to be like a point of reverence to others of what it is to give your live to God and our exterior as well a our interior must do the talking.

  2. Mrs. Nanda
    Nails do speak outloud, even though lately because of the fact that i tend to be busy i haven't paid much attetion to my nails. Will do now.

    Bronx, NY

  3. Hi Ms Nanda,

    I can really relate to this post, because there has been many times I've looked at Pastor's wife's thinking how they all looked well groomed, I want to look like this but not realizing it wasn't the title that gave them that beauty but just by looking after themselves,etc well groomed nails.

  4. After reading i finally know why nails are important, it speaks out and its shows that we are women and if they are not done well or chipped it means that we realy don't take muck care of our selves.

  5. After reading this i now understand why us women hav to have our nails nice and done, because it shows who we are and if they aren't done nicely or chipped it is a sign that we don't care about our selfes and don't treat our selfes well, know i am going to mak sure that i have my nails done nice and not chipped.

  6. I had no idea about my nails!! i usually don't pay no attention to my nails!!! after reading this blog I'm goin to keep my nails well polish and clip!! Thanks for the very important ADVICE!!!

  7. Little tips such as this one are verey helpful because we truly never know what impression we give peopple, especially if we wish to be women of God because others will be looking to criticize us, so we must always be on our guard.

  8. I have never thought much about nails but I do know that being well put together says a lot about a person. When a woman of God is composed and collected, it is a good reflection of the work God is doing in that life. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that we are always presentable.

  9. Hey Mrs. Nanda!
    I agree with you. Nails do speak loud. I will take this task and care for my hands once a week. People can tell a lot by you by the way you take care of yourself.

  10. This task is such an eye opener, because our nails actually have a lot to say, when we are presenting ourselves. i have never really paid much attention to my nails before, but detail is important.

  11. I love when my nails are done it shouts that you take care of yourself and you value yourself. People tend to look at those they aspire to be and the outer appearance says a lot about an individual. I will definitely be putting this into practise.
    Nyanit Koang London

  12. This is a definite dare Mrs Nanda. I never invested some of my precious time to my nails but I will now!

  13. Yes little tips such as this one is very helpful. M ready. thank you

  14. Mrs Nanda!
    We should rather take care of our appearance as we are temples of holy spirit.
    Thanks for post.
    Michele /HAckney

  15. It is true Mrs Nanda!
    When I do my nails I feel so elegant, but when i don't do, i feel like i can hide them. I will make my effort to do my nails every week.
    Karla Cristina

  16. Yeah i do believe the image we have of ourself tells a lot about us more than our words, and for me i need to find the time to be elegant, and to be creative with colors.

  17. I like the colors that are chosen to go on nails, not too dark and not too crazy, i want to try some of those colors.

  18. I like the idea of starting to paint my nails using the colors that are chosen above, to have a fresh new look : ) because the way we present ourselves show what's going on inside.

  19. I like the idea of staring to paint my nails using the colors that are chosen above, because that is something i always struggle with, not knowing the appropriate color for my nails, Thanks Mrs Nanda

  20. My nails are usually short, sweet and straight to the point! To be honest Mrs Nanda, it's not the part of me I focus on the most but as it does indeed say a lot, I take on this challenge. Let’ see what weeks of TLC for my hands will bring. :)

  21. I have been doing this task and wearing red nail polish. The colour is very elegant. I carry the nail varnish around with me in case I need to re-touch the chipped parts. I do believe taking care of our appearance is important and as we who aim to be reference of God in this world people will be looking to us so we have to shine for God in our appearance too.

  22. Thank you so much Mrs Nanda, the tasks have been my extra push especially in this month as Im very much having the strongest desire in becoming a True Woman Of God. Even though beauty is not essential but its important.. These tasks enable me to fufill this desire,, Thank you :)

  23. c'est que j'ai un peu de mal à entretenir mes ongles mais je vais faire cette effort

  24. Young boys and girls always look up to someone who's an example. I am a person that always tries my best to look presentable all the time, with my nails am a simple girl i love a french manicure and pedicure



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