Friday, 11 February 2011

You see? You can do it!

Once upon a time there were two girls skating on a frozen lake.
It was a cloudy and cold afternoon and the two girls played carefree.
Suddenly the ice cracked and one of them fell through and got stuck in the gap that formed.
Seeing that her friend was stuck and freezing, the other girl quickly took off one of her skates and started to strike the ice with all of her strength until, finally, she was able to crack it and free her dear friend.
When the firefighters arrived they saw what had happened and asked the girl:
“How did you manage to do this? It’s impossible for someone as small as you and with such fragile hands to break this ice!”
At that moment, a man that was walking by made a wise observation:
“I know how she managed to do it.”
“Can you please tell us how?” They all asked.
“It’s simple.” The man responded.
“There wasn’t anyone around to tell her that she couldn’t do it.”


  1. I love this; a word can inspire or expire someone's determination.

  2. That's right!!! I can do it!!!

  3. And many times we do not do more because we found this voice not only around but coming from within: "you are not good enough, you cannot do that, it is not for you" - Yes, you can, you are more than good and such and such blessing is for you!

  4. I loved this message! It shows that we allow ourselves to be limited by what we hear!!!
    Karla Cristina

  5. Hallow Mrs Nanda!

    When we do not listen to the negative voices we can do any thing because everything is possible when we believe in God and in our selves.

  6. Wow this story is eye opening. I loved it! We are able to do anything when we stop thinking that we can't do it and just do it.

  7. We should never give up to easily in life, yes we may run into difficult situations but we should always say to ourselves I won't allow this to stop me!! Being determine and motivated we can do anything, if we put our mind to it!! I really like this story, it really help me.

  8. Many times we may confront tough situations, people will come to us putting doubts in our mind and heart and the devil will also help, on putting things inside of us but we should never give up, never stop going after our goals and after what we are striving for. We should always have a spirit of determination, because if "God is for us who can be against us?".
    Really strong!
    Brockton MA

  9. This is helpful. Sometimes, people try to put doubts in our mind, and the devil urges then to say such harsh things,but I know to rebuke them, and know that I CAN do anything! I don't have to be like everyone else and follow the same path as everybody else just because there are labels for certain things! I AM different, and I won't let anyone break what faith I have with God(:


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