Tuesday, 4 May 2010

For the Single Ladies- Crystal Girl

Task #34 for the Single Ladies

Martha was tired, she had guests in the house, and there was Mary, sitting down and not helping with anything!

Martha couldn’t contain herself and complained to Jesus:

“Lord, tell her to come and help me!” she said

“Martha, Martha, your sister has chosen the best part and this will not be taken from her!” Replied Jesus


To His mother Mary He said:

“Woman, what do I have with you?”


A certain time the Lord Jesus was teaching His disciples the importance of him being rejected, having to suffer a lot and then die before resurrecting after three days…

Peter, completely innocent – and I believe that he just wanted to please Jesus, said that he would never let this happen, and at that very moment the Lord Jesus rebuked him saying:

“Get behind Me, Satan!”


Now, put yourself in the shoes of these people and think about how you would feel…

I can already see your reaction…

“Ahhhhh, Jesus called me Satan… and what’s worse, He did it in front of the whole world!!!”

“What an injustice, Jesus let Mary sit down while I did everything alone! I’m left feeling so ashamed! Now, I bet that Mary will never help me around the house again!”

“My own son spoke to me like that! I’m devastated!”


Dear friends, if there is something that the Lord Jesus teaches us through these examples, it’s that we shouldn’t just act by emotion or be oversensitive.

Imagine what could have happened if Peter, Martha and Mary would have been offended and had held a grudge against the Lord Jesus because of what He said to them?!? Or because of Him rebuking them in front of others…

Many times we take actions in an emotional way, becoming very sensitive and are therefore more inclined to keep grudges.

It’s like we turn into crystal and whatever bad word is said to us – no matter how small – can break us into tiny pieces!

This is not the faith that the Lord Jesus teaches us.

Perhaps you think… ‘Oh the Lord Jesus never speaks to me like that…’

“Does He not? Are you sure about that?”

Friends, how many times have we been offended when we are rebuked?

How often do we get upset with something that someone has said to us?

Enough! This has to stop!

I’m not saying that it’s easy or that you should never feel anything whatsoever!

What I am saying is that we need be attentive, to pray more and to fight in prayer when something like this happens. When we begin to get the following thoughts:

Who is she (or he) to speak to me like that?

Gosh! I don’t deserve this treatment!

What did I do to deserve this?

My God, look at what she said to me!

We need to rebuke these thoughts. Feeding them will not make things better, they will only get worse!

When something like this happens, watch out and refuse for these thoughts to head that way. You can change these thoughts by analyzing yourself and asking the following:

What does the Lord want to teach me with this?

What is my mistake here?

How can I change?

What can I do so that this never happens again?

If whatever happens seems to have no basis…Pray for the person in a positive way – pray for the Lord Jesus to bless him/her.

I also advise you not to distance yourself from her; instead, stay close and prove that you are the opposite of what she said about you.

Clearly, all this does depend, because there are some people who are very difficult and it’s better to keep a distance from them, but of course do it with a clean heart, without anger, resentment or grudges.

Task #34

Don’t be a “Crystal Girl”, full of emotions and easily hurt.

We have to run in front of our adversary the devil.

Women of prayer, SENSITIVE to the voice of God, but INSENSITIVE to the voice and provocation of the devil!


  1. This is a real eye opener!!!

    I can't explain just how much this message has helped me today.

    Thanks D. Nanda

    May God continue to use you more.

  2. This reminds me of something the pastor spoke about in a wednesday service. He said, we have to be crystal to the voice of God but to the devil we nust have a stone heart. I believe this is true.

  3. I really needed to hear that,after reading this post it felt like I was being tested right then.. my kindness was taken for granted & people were trying to hurt me verbally but this post made my day as I really controlled myself & let things pass. Didnt get hurt,just kept smiling,so I have to give thanks for this post...this day would'v been so bad if I didnt read this.
    Thanks Mrs Fernanda


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