Sunday, 2 May 2010

For the Single Ladies - The three Marias…

Task #33 for the Single Ladies

There once were three very different sisters. Their difference was not only in appearance, but also in character and personality…

One was beautiful and very smiley, the other was pretty and likeable and the third was very shy and quiet.

The first and the second, because they stood out more, received a lot more attention from other people; they were invited to all the top events, were always surrounded with friends and were the centre of attention wherever they went…

As for the third, due to her shyness, she never stood out. She was never the centre of attention and consequently she never had many friends.

As it happens, people like you and me, always liked to make compressions between the three – just as I’ve just done. And as a consequence the third Maria always came off worse and her shyness and quietness meant that she didn’t get much.

The beautiful and smiley Maria was raised as an assistant, but she didn’t last very long as she got tired of serving.

The pretty and likeable Maria was also raised as an assistant, but after a short time she also gave up, because her friends and the attractions of the world that offered lots of apparently good things enticed her and took her...

The shy and quiet Maria took longer to be raised as an assistant, but she persevered, her desire to serve God was great and although she was shy, this didn’t impede her and eventually she was raised.

That last Maria, who nobody gave anything to – including you and me – is today still serving the Lord Jesus and is helping many people. Her life is on the altar and she is greatly used by God.

She completely changed, for Jesus, she was no longer quiet, and not even a little shy. She overcame those barriers by learning to believe in herself.

I’m saying all this because perhaps you are like the third Maria and are feeling inferior

Do you know what we can learn?

We don’t need to wait on anybody to give us anything!

Jesus already gave everything!

What we need is to triumph over these barriers that many times are put up by ourselves through thoughts of inferiority.

And now what? For those of you who really don’t get anything from anybody…

Task #33

Don’t use this as an excuse for not overcoming and feeling sorry for yourself!

Use it as an OPPORTUNITY to change your situation and prove the contrary!

Whether you are the first, second or third Maria…

The Lord Jesus gave and still gives His all for you!


  1. Jessica V Drogba3 May 2010 at 17:44

    Hello Mrs Nanda again!How are you?I say hello to Obispo Junior!Well thanks this is what I needed today because this is my situation at this moment the 3rd Maria!I am the 3rd Maria and everything that you have mentioned is related to me! But I thank the Lord for using you to bless and strenghten me even more by this message!God bless you mightly!Jessica V Drogba London(Brixton)

  2. I really liked this post. I used to be obsessed with having to overcome quickly etc but some things take longer than others. I have stopped looking to others and look only to God. It has really helped me and I have peace and assurance of my victory,.


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