Friday, 30 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- Looking in the mirror!

Task #32 for the Single Ladies

You’ve got to have some drive!!!

I was thinking about this, after seeing an enormous amount of women who say that they trust in God, but yet don’t even trust in themselves…

When you believe in yourself, you pass a certain confidence to all those around you and this adds to your life in many aspects.

I really like to be around a person who is confident and positive; it’s nuisance to be near a person who is negative, insecure, always complaining and grumbling…

I’m not speaking about arrogance here! Please don’t confuse what I’m saying.

This confidence is very different from arrogance, it’s something very positive. And it’s also something constant, because we cannot be like the waves of the sea – on a high one minute and down low the next…

This confidence can be translated into one word: Faith.

You need to have faith in God and faith in yourself as well, because what’s the use in moving ahead with your faith in God if you don’t believe that you yourself can also move ahead?

Even if nobody is there for you, Jesus is and He gave His whole life for you!

How many times have we refused to listen to negative words?!

The devil uses this to pull you down!

Be strong! Be courageous and kick over that bucket!!! Change the situation! You can!

Task #32

“Look in your mirror. What do you see every morning when you wake up?!...

“I can!” “I am strong!” “I believe in God and I have great potential!” “I believe in me!!!”…

…And then start to act in a way that reflects this belief.

If Jesus is with you, so when you ‘look in the mirror’ you need to see Him!”


  1. Jessica V Drogba3 May 2010 at 17:39

    Hi Mrs Nanda

    Thank you for the message again, yes i started to speak victorious and positive words on my life. Even it comes across that they are other areas it stills needs me to speak those word of faith and positivity even though I see the opposite or it is hard because of tough moments!I need to believe more in myself and be more confident!

  2. I used to suffer with low confidence. I used to say I believed in God but never believed in myself or my ability. I saw God wasnt able to do anything because of my lack of belief in myself for I would ruin what He gave me. I am going to pas this on to a few friends of mine as I believe it will help them.


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