Wednesday, 7 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- Miss Know it all

Task#21 for the Single Ladies

Generally everything she says begins with “Do you know…”

Do you know who the new pastor is?

Do you know who I saw?

Do you know what I heard?

Do you know who’s over there?

Usually she is the person who knows about everything that is going on; she can’t keep anything to herself - leave alone a secret!

If someone asks you something you don’t know, immediately you direct them to her: “Look, I don’t know but surely “so and so” knows.”

She’s always up-to-date with everything that is happening, not just in her church but also in the other branches. She even knows what’s going on in the churches in other countries and she makes it a point to demonstrate that she knows everything.

She loves it when people approach her to ask her things, but there’s one thing she doesn’t know…

She is not well looked upon; she has the reputation for being a gossip, she is indiscreet and many times used by everyone to obtain information.

It is important to note that the information that the “know it all” possesses is not constructive, rather it’s more along the lines of “he said, she said.”

Many times she isn’t ill-intentioned, she feels happy to be of use. She likes the attention she receives with so many people approaching her wanting to know things.

Today we are going to discuss a few factors so that we don’t become known as a “gossiper” or a “know it all.”

Task #21

Avoid spreading news that you hear - things along the lines of:

Did you hear that we are going to have a new pastor!

Did you hear that bishop “so and so” will move?

Did you hear that in such and such church this is happening?

Did you hear that “so and so” likes you?

Did you hear that there will be changes?

If you were informed of something, and this information is not constructive, don’t spread it. If you find that this information requires action, then speak to someone who can solve the problem and no one else.

When someone confides something personal in you, don’t go about telling other people. Generally you will say something like this… “If I tell you something, do you promise you won’t tell anyone?” That doesn’t work, believe me.

When you find out some hot gossip, let it cool! Stick it in the freezer, in other words, don’t tell anyone. Your tongue may itch but it will pass.

When you pass on information always ask: Is this piece of information constructive or destructive? Will it add or subtract? Will it help or not?

Depending on your answers you will know if you should pass it on or stick it in the freezer.

The discreet woman puts this into practice… how about you? Are you discrete or indiscrete?


  1. Martha Kaune,Namibia.As a child of the Most High I believe we should know what is good for our ears and what not because things like these can seriously harm our faith to a point where we can fall. Watch and pray sisters.

  2. Very helpful guidance to be put to practice right away.

  3. Hi Mrs. Nanda, thanks for this message. Nobody's want to be indiscrete (at least I don't), so better put to practice this task

  4. I love your blogs! and these task! :)

  5. very helpful and strong message thank you.

  6. This is very helpful, i'm going to put this into practice. Then come back and share my experience because sometimes i tend to be a know it all.


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