Saturday, 3 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- I’m not in the Mood

Task #18 for the Single Ladies

How many times do we catch ourselves saying, "I'm not in the mood"?

Yesterday, a young girl that I’ve been counseling came to talk with me.

I hadn’t seen her in the church meetings and asked her what happened…

She said: “Nanda, I haven’t been in the mood to come to church.”

Now, let me ask you a question…

When are we ever in the mood to do something that will benefit us?

Benefits require effort and sacrifice!

Generally, people don’t study out of pleasure.

Have you ever heard someone say “Oh, I’m in such a mood to study!!!”

Our body, our will, is always directed towards resting.

You have the desire to sleep a lot, you desire to watch TV the entire day, you desire going to the beach every day, your will is to do nothing at all.

You don't desire to help out around the house…. You desire, desire, desire…

We have to pay close attention to what we desire because our will cannot dictate our life!

Every day, one way or another, I go against my will and that’s what blesses me - the battle against my will!

You must also live this struggle because no one can do it for you!

If you cut back on the amount of times you go to church, then you will want to go less and less!

So what?!

Don’t listen to your desire!

Send your will far, far away and go to church even if you’re not in the mood!

There are also days that I don’t want to do anything; nonetheless, I do everything I have to do even if I’m not in the mood. We must live by our faith, not by our will.

Doing this will make a great difference in all aspects of your life, especially your spiritual life.

Task #18

“Analyze your actions, your life, and see if you’ve been living by your will. Seek to go against your will, do whatever it is you’re not in the mood to do - most times that is what will bless you.

You’re not in the mood to wake up at dawn to pray? You’re not in the mood to read the Bible? You’re not in mood to pray? You’re not in the mood to fast? You’re not in the mood to go to church?

You know what to do!”


  1. Melanie Gaspar3 April 2010 at 13:09

    this reallly helped me alot. Because even though i'm an assistant in church, sometime's this happen's to me to. We've got to always fight against our own will.

  2. yes i have to go against my will....! the moment you dont feel like your in the mood....than you should know that you have to be in the mood when you dont feel in the mood!


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