Friday, 2 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- Let’s take a Trip…

Task #17 for the Single Ladies

Let’s go on an imaginary trip together.

Well then, I’ll create a scenario and you have to imagine yourself in it.

I’ll include lots of images so you really feel you are there…

Let’s say you received a ticket for a cruise to the Caribbean as a gift!

The captain of the ship is a friend of your father and he invited you aboard first class free of charge (of course!)

Oh girls, how delightful! Imagine what joy!!!

So, you prepare yourself for this day: new clothing, sunglasses, bikini, etc… The day finally comes. You arrive at the port and notice how gigantic the ship is…

Look at the color of the water, how marvelous!!!

Very well, you enter the ship and decide to take a look around…

It’s amazing! It doesn’t feel like you’re in a ship! It looks like a shopping mall (just another reason to like it even more!)

You become more and more amazed as you look around, the stairs, there are even some trees! Oh, and what beautiful music is playing downstairs… What a good life! You can’t wait to see your room…

Since this is a “dream” trip, none of that being cheap business, we are going all out…

It’s time for you to see your suite. You go down the steps, enter a long corridor and the last door has your number on it: Suite #12.

You open the door and you can hardly believe your eyes…


You walk in, throw your purse on the floor and toss yourself on the comfortable couch!

What a nice dream!!! lol

You sit and begin to look around imagining where your room could be and only then do you notice the beautiful stairway!

You decide to go up the steps to see if your bedroom is up there. You then notice the terrace outside with magnificent views of the sea… You make a mental note to watch the sunset on that lovely terrace.

You continue walking up the steps when finally you reach your room… what a room! (A bit over the top for my taste, but I couldn’t find a better one, so let’s pretend it’s amazing…)

Folks, how delightful! You jump onto the super soft bed!!!

You close your eyes for a few seconds and decide to take in each minute.

You jump out of bed, open the wardrobe and your clothing is already hanging neatly (oh, what a dream!!!) because the chambermaid prepared everything while you were checking out the inside of the ship!

You decide to visit the pool take a swim and take advantage of the rest of the day. You grab your clothes, run to the bathroom which is also a dream, with hydro-massage and all.

Once you’re ready, you go down the steps, grab the purse you had thrown on the floor and head to the pool.

On your way there, you bump into other people and wonder at all of the beauty surrounding you…

Ok, you turn around and continue in direction to the pool.

This is one of the three pools the ship contains; therefore, it isn’t crowded…

You spot an empty chair to your right, you leave your purse, take of your sandals and dress and decide to go for a swim…

Ohhh, how delightful! The water is perfect! The people decide to get out of the pool and so you have it all to yourself!!!

You swim and swim until you can’t anymore. You’re tired and decide to rest on your chair while tanning in the sun…

You’re startled from your nap as someone shakes you. You open your eyes and see your father’s friend, the captain. He has a worried expression as he says:

“Put on your clothes quickly, we have to get out of here. The ship is going to sink!” (To this my friend Raphaela would say… “A poor man’s dream could only end like this!”)

“How about my things, I have to go get them.” you respond.

He stops, looks at you in the eyes and says “There is no time, the ship is sinking and we don’t have enough safety boats for everyone. I need to get you in one before it is too late! Your father would never forgive me if something happened to you! Let’s go, we need to hurry!”

You run behind him and say “I know how to swim, perhaps it’s better to leave the boats for those that can’t …”

“You wouldn’t survive. These waters are infested with sharks, we don’t have much time! I don’t think many people will survive!” What a nightmare!

You look at the life boat and you can’t believe how small it is!

The captain puts you in it and says that he must help others. He says that he has a boat for himself and the rescue team will surely find you… Y

ou move away from the ship using the oar that he has given you.

You realize that it’s already night time.

After rowing for approximately 15 minutes, you look at the ship and can’t believe what you see…

It’s unbelievable! How could something like that happen so fast?!

You can see other boats, they are crowded and yours is empty, only you.

You can hear the people in the water screaming, pure despair!

They plead for help!

They ask for the love of God, but you don’t do anything. You are relieved to be safe. You are happy that the captain knew you and that you are there in your boat safe and sound!

From afar you can hear the yelps of pain. “It must be the sharks…” you think.

So much crying, so much yelling! You cover your ears and close your eyes. You don’t want to hear, you don’t want to see.

There is room in your boat for at least 10 people, but you don’t want to think about that. You decide to row and get far away from the screaming…

You are happy to be safe…

Let’s stop the dream right here…

Are you horrified???!!!! Do you think you’d never do something like that?

So, I ask you:

When was the last time you spoke to someone about Jesus?

When was the last time you extended your hand outside of the boat and pulled someone into the boat?

Those that don’t have Jesus are being devoured every minute…

And you? Are you only thinking about your own life?

Are you rowing way, not wanting to hear the cries for help?

Task #17

“You are going to speak about Jesus to the maximum number of people possible. On this Sunday you will bring one person (into the boat) to church.

But, be wise not religious! You are going to guide this person, sit with her, take her to speak with the pastor and do whatever else is necessary.”

Make it a habit to extend your hands….Don’t be afraid, your boat is gigantic and it can fit an infinite number of people…


  1. WOW! miss fernanda..this is powerful..! i just realised that some of us want to keep Jesus to ourselves...why dont we share him or give him to others who need him more?thank you!collene

  2. Silindile Matswabodi21 May 2010 at 05:23

    showing love is what we have to do time and again and in that way when God look at us he smiles because we are doing what He wants I am going to extend my hand an extra mile so people will fit into my boat

  3. i want to dedicate more time to evangelize because i want people to know about jesus and to feel this peace i have, sometimes i cant believe it i never thought i could have this again.. that's why i want others to experience his power... good post:)
    task #17

  4. Hey Mrs. Nanda(:
    This is a very strong message. I was so horrified with what was going on in the story, and I asked myself that question. I want to share Jesus with the world. I will extend my hands to as many people as I. Thank you for this message(:
    Alcy Gomez

  5. For sure its easy to try and keep Jesus for yourself while others are screaming for help.I know what I need to do more of everyday that is given to me. thank you for this message.

  6. Wow; i really was horrified, like how can someone be so cruel and selfish?
    Yet there are times when we've done it because we were either too shy to speak to people about Jesus or just let the opportunity pass by......


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