Thursday, 22 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- But I did my best...

Task #28 for the Single Ladies

She just doesn’t understand…

“I did my best and yet I still get rebuked, what an injustice!”

You know what, I can see Cain thinking that same way. I don’t believe that he thought: “Humm… I’m going to offer my worst to God!”

Absolutely not! I believe that he really thought that it was his best.

People, look at the danger there!

How many times have we done the same? How many times have we had that same thought?

Everybody has a different opinion in relation to what’s best.

Imagine one day you are asked to prepare a room for a visitor who will arrive at your house (People, this is only an example, okay)…

You go there with all your love and clean the whole room – changing the bed sheets, and going all out so that everything is perfect!

You really did your best!

Then, before the visitor arrives, the person who asked you to organize the room comes to check your work and is disappointed…

Because you forgot to put out towels for the visitors, you forgot to provide essential things like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, cream etc.

Do you know what we need to learn from this?

That our opinion of what’s best is very low and our standards need to be higher!

This thing of mumbling and saying... “But I did my best…” is not going to help in any way, on the contrary, if someone goes there and does better, the tendency is that you begin to feel the same way as Cain, who turned against Abel!

Ahh, if only he raised his standards, then his next offering would have probably been accepted and he wouldn’t have ended up the way that he did.

This thought of “I did my best”, can take you down the same road as Cain.

Task #28

The next time that someone compliments you on something you’ve done, think like this…

“I did my best, but next time I still have to do better…”

Like this, you will constantly be raising your idea of what’s better and so will do nothing in the same way – but will always do it better.

If the opposite happens and you are rebuked even when you really did think that you did your best, so understand that the problem isn’t that you didn’t do your best, the problem is that you need to raise your standards of what is best.

And please, don’t start feeling sorry for yourself, that doesn’t help either. Instead, determine that you will do it ten times better the next time!

Be very careful with the subtle traps of the devil!


  1. Bongiwe Tume - Cape Town - SA22 April 2010 at 06:46

    Mrs Nanda that has always been my problem. I would sulk because my boss has reprimanded me or rebuked me and always I will think "but I did my best"- now when ever i get rebuked for anything I will sit down and think of the ways to up my game. Thank you for the insight - God is using you guys so much in our lives and I thank God for that.

  2. This is really true. When we think we've done our best, there's always ways to do better. I've noticed that it is the little things that are in most need of improvement. Sabrina, Hackney.


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