Tuesday, 6 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- When you become a toilet

Task #20 for the Single Ladies

There was time in my life, a moment in which I had to learn to stop being a toilet.

That’s right, a toilet!

Think with me, what is a toilet used for?

To dispose that which is not of use inside us: vomit, number 1 and number 2.

And do you know what these things have in common?

They all smell badly!

So, one day I realized that I had become a toilet where people disposed all that was rotten inside of them.

They would come and make negative comments about other people, gossip and speak wrongfully.

That affected me greatly, for I began to have bad eyes towards people. Many times I didn’t even know that person, but if someone came and said something about them, I wouldn’t even think twice before looking at them with negative eyes.

I realized that all of the filth that was being poured onto me was beginning to make me “stink.”

I thought “I’m becoming weak in my faith due to these things, but what should I do?!”

How about you my friend, have you been a toilet? Are you also stinky?

Here go some tips to help you to avoid this…

Task #20

Avoid establishing a friendship with gossipers.

When a “friend” begins to make negative comments about another person, before she even starts, stop her. Tell her that it isn’t right and you don’t want to hear it.

In certain cases when you perceive rebellious comments against an authority, don’t think twice. Denounce that person even if she is your best friend. She is not well and needs help.

After some time I obtained a certain reputation as being strict and as a consequence the gossip and evil comments stopped!

You know what else?

I couldn’t care less about such a reputation!

Many times when I was an assistant, if I entered the room the conversation ended.

The other day someone told me that the same thing was happening to her and do you know what my response was?

"How marvelous!!"

Now, no one will make a toilet of you!

You can always smell nicely!


  1. I am startled because I have never heard of such an analogy before! Needless to say its extremely true!!!

    I had a similar experience as yours. But, at first I didn't have the courage to tell that "gossiper" off and therefore went along with it. Only after did I really realize that I was in the wrong for allowing it to go that far and for not saying anything. As soon as I developed the sufficient courage to say something... I immediately was known as a snitch! At first it was hard because no one would talk to me because they looked at me as someone who spoke everything.

    But, I am so glad that I did what I did! There "gossipers" are no longer in church, which is the saddest part of all. I never had linked a toilet to me (or for that matter to anyone else), but now it makes perfect sense. This is something that I will use and serves as an example to me!

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. This is a great example that we should all look to. Who would of thought a toilet could be used to make you change your ways.

  3. Jessica V Drogba8 April 2010 at 13:02

    I like this message a lot beause sometimes we dont realise how it affect us it makes us dirty especially our temple!Faith comes by hearing the word of God!So now by listening to all of this as you've said Mrs Nanda it makes us a toilet, not a good testimony before God as we are affected and begin to sin i.e by having evil eyes for no reason because we have been contaminated.....This virus has to stop!

  4. Well I never thought of it in that way just think could not have put it in a better statement.thanks Mrs NANDA

  5. Dear Mrs Nanda,

    Thank you very much for the tips because I have being made a toilet for couple of times,and that makes my faith to grow weak.


  6. well God is amazing been going thru a situation where an assistant likes to complain about all and everything. well been answering and got to a point where I just stare in shock , and she does not like me much now, and is vile towards me not responding to her.

    Thank you, member somewher in england.


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