Saturday, 17 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- The Eyes

Task #25 for the Single Ladies

I remember when I was in London, a friend of mine received an email that horrified me, from a lady in the church.

This email drew many wrong conclusions; the woman was criticizing her for spending floods of money on hair extensions.

People, her hair was natural!! She’d never used extensions before.

This friend of mine had a family that was blessed financially, and so was always receiving presents in the post from her mother who would also send things through other wives. And just as you would with your family, she shared them out amongst us also.

But in this email, everything was seen with bad eyes. It was judgment after judgment. Those words showed how much the lady had been poisoned and was even rotting because of her bad eyes and judgments.

Now I ask, “How many times have we done the same?” Looking and judging other people.

If she dresses nice, then she’s stuck-up. If she dresses bad then she’s a ragamuffin!

When you don’t see the pastor’s wife in the church often, you judge her without realizing how hard she works with other responsibilities – whether it’s cooking for the auxiliaries or spending all day in the church office.

Or that person who stays in her corner because she is so shy but gets accused of being snobbish.

Our eyes and wrong judgments make us rot from within. We end up being like that fruit that looks really nice on the outside but when you bite into it, it’s all rotten and you just want to throw it away.

This is an evil that mainly ‘attacks’ women, because we have this thing about making hasty conclusions and then we end up making wrong judgments that are harmful to our spiritual health.

Task #25

Today you will analyze and see if your eyes are judging certain people. Friend, this only makes things bad for you. Clean your vision!

When you feel your eyes looking to the side, turn and look at yourself instead – look at your own defects and fight to change them. Whenever I’m busy with myself, then I don’t have time to look at others and make wrong judgments.


  1. Thanks Mrs Nanda for this message it has really helped me, God bless

  2. Its so true. When we are busy we don't have time to look or thing about things we shouldnt think about. I liked the message it helped alot. Thank you.

  3. It does kill you little by little inside. Thank you for the post.

  4. thankyou for this post mrs nanda,
    Its funny aswell how easy it is to see the bad in someone and when you find out that its not true you feel so terrible, whenever these thoughts try to come they always give 110 reasons of why they're true; its like its building up a case against that person but all these "accusations" lack one thing: Evidence!

  5. This message is definelty true!! I think all females judge one another, which I think we should all STOP that certain behavior. Because in GOD's eyes he see us as brothers and sisters, we should not judge or even talk bad towards one another, we should be loving and caring.


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