Sunday, 18 April 2010

For the Single Ladies - Sweet smelling success!

Task #26 for the Single Ladies

I’ll tell you this, there are few things worse than a woman who smells bad.

I know that many times we leave home really early and there’s no such thing as a bath or even deodorant that can survive the heat of over 30 degrees!

So what must we do then?

It’s very simple; if you are one of these fighters who leave the house really early and only returns at night, then you need to adopt some habits so that you will always smell lovely… And those around you will be very grateful!

After all, you never know when or where you will meet your “prince charming!”

Imagine if you are caught unaware and he comes along – you being all worried about the state of your hair, lift your arms to fix it and BOOOM!

…He falls back and dies!

So, in order for this not to happen, our hygiene is vital!

My husband adores the fact that I always smell good, in fact, I don’t think any man would want it any other way. Of course there are exceptions to everything, but then he wouldn’t be your ‘Prince Charming’ but your ‘Charming Goat’…

So, let’s have a look at my tips:

  • Use a neutral deodorant! At all costs, avoid those that smell really strong. They only smell good for the first two hours and then mix with your sweat to release an odor that nobody deserves!
  • Always carry a neutral deodorant in your bag.
  • Buy a neutral soap and keep it in a small plastic container in your bag.
  • Put a small bottle of perfume in your bag.
  • Buy a small packet of wet wipes – you know, the ones that are used to clean a baby’s bottom. For those times when there’s no bathroom, you can use them to freshen up your face. In fact, they are really useful and should always be in your bag. You can use also use them to clean your hands, or even your bottom! It’s not only babies who deserve this kind of care!
  • At least twice a day, go to the bathroom and freshen up. Clean your face and under your arms with the neutral soap. Then put on the neutral deodorant and top up with a little perfume.

Ps: The tip about your deodorant being neutral is also important because it doesn’t have a strong smell and so won’t conflict with your perfume. Remember that deodorant is not perfume; the aim isn’t for everyone to smell what deodorant you are wearing or for it to mix with your perfume. Nobody deserves that either!

If you use a strong smelling perfume, please don’t take a bath in it!

Otherwise when you pass by you’ll leave people sneezing!

I’ll give you a personal suggestion…

My day-to-day perfume is one that’s meant for babies. For those who cannot afford to be buying those expensive perfumes, this is a great option and even if you do take a bath in it, you won’t make an embarrassing faux pas because it’s mild and lovely!

Okay, so here’s my secret…

The perfume is called: “Giovanna Baby”, it’s not expensive and if I remember correctly, you can find it in most American shops. The one with the blue lid is my favorite! My mother-in-law knows that whenever someone travels to where she is in Brazil, she always picks up a few bottles for me…

Come on girls, lets always smell gorgeous!

You’re future ‘prince’ will thank you for it!


  1. Hi Mrs Nanda! Thanks for the tips.

  2. It has been said that men have a more sensitive smell than ladies, so if a lady wants to marry prince charming a fresh smell is the best thing (not one smell trying to conceal another - that never works).

    May I just say I don't recommend baby wipes - they are not good for babies bottoms or anyone else's bottom for that matter, although in emergencies Femicare intimate wipes are good.

    (I'll have to contact Femicare now and ask them to pay me for this advertising).

  3. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Thank you!
    Jessica London Brixton

  5. Mrs Nanda, I have kept this sentence of yours since I first read this post in Portuguese.... : we have to be "cheirosinhas"! love it!

  6. Thank you so much ms Fernanda for the tips, but can you please give me an example of a " neutral deotorant? i am a lady and am always concerned about my smell, i have armpit odour i tried so many roll-ons, armpit deotorant spray but i did not get rid of the smell...please help me out am 21 yrs old...


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