Thursday, 15 April 2010

For the Single Ladies - Little Red Riding Hood

Task #24 for the Single Ladies

My friends, I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing this but I’m going to repeat it anyway: “Not everything that glitters is gold.”

In the same manner, not everything is what it seems.

When it comes to getting involved with someone, it is very important to remember something so obvious that is often forgotten by many…

Even inside the church you can find loads of “wolves in sheep's clothing" and they are in search of Little Red Riding Hood.

Pure, sincere young ladies with an open heart –– beware of the big bad wolf!

It doesn’t matter who he is: a church member, an assistant, assistant pastor or pastor.

It is your duty (no one else’s) to find out if he is a wolf in disguise or a true lamb. The fact that he has a title is not a guarantee; you need to know who he is for real and verify that he isn’t just pretending.

I receive innumerous amounts of e-mails from young ladies who got carried away by the wolves and now find themselves suffering.

Task #24

“It is time for us to grow up and see things as they really are. If you are interested in someone, you must first get to know him. By this I don’t mean what he says about himself, but especially what his family has to say about him or what his friends say. It is important to test him to see if he is truly a lamb.

And please, don’t be naïve to fall in love before ever really getting to know him.

In fact, that is nothing more than pure emotion.

Be intelligent my friends, your love life can take time to be complete but when you find the right person, your happiness will be for always!

A true delight!

It’s worthwhile to wait and to choose wisely!”


  1. Thank you so much Mrs Nanda for your advise now i ask which character that shows a man of God?

  2. My dear Nanda,

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    Thanks and God bless you!

  3. HELLO!Big sister it's true what the articles says about the wolves,they can see the true lamb and it's their main target.laivy

  4. It is so important to not get carried away and be smart! Thanks for the post!

  5. Hi Nanda,

    I was listerning to you this sunday during the service when you confested that your books is finally published in Portugues. I had a quick look at your websit and thought that I will take the time to read through the book in english as I cannot wait till next year to inform you what I think of this book.

    I will come back to you as I am excited to read what you have written.


    Windhoek, Namibia


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