Tuesday, 13 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- The Pink Panther

If there's one thing I hate about myself, it’s that I often find it hard to think quickly and give accurate, on-the-spot answers.

I’m constantly saying to myself... "Gosh, I could have said that!" "I could have answered in that way!" "Oh, I should have said so!"

But what good is that when the moment has already passed?!

Junior is a rare treasure! I think he’s tops! Not only for being my husband, but I admire this aspect about him too.

I often say that he is the "Pink Panther", he always finds a way out – he can come up with an answer for everything, it’s amazing!

I remember one day we were evangelizing on the streets of London. We usually choose a spot and stay there all Saturday, praying for people and inviting them to church.

For me, it’s a fight, especially when people come and want to get into debates…

"You believe this, but I believe that!" "You say so, but I say it's no!"

During one of these times I was praying and asking God to put the right words in my mouth, when a man came along and started a debate with Junior:

"You’re here doing all this and being restricted in a life that you no longer enjoy. Look, I do everything; I enjoy this life because we all go to the same place when we die. This business of heaven and hell was invented by religions to restrict us! Be smart! "

Look at the response of Junior the Pink Panther. I stood there open-mouthed!...

"Look, I realize that you are a very intelligent man, so let's talk about probabilities. Do you see that beautiful woman over there?” (He pointed at me, how embarrassing!)

“That’s my wife; we have been married for over 10 years, I am happy and lack nothing. When I put my head on the pillow, sleep comes straight away because I have peace! I'm so happy; I’m healthy and have no addictions!

The point of all this is that if you're right, and when we die we all go to the same place, then I’ve not missed out on anything because I’ve got a happy life."

"Yes," replied the gentleman in a very attentive and thoughtful manner.

"Now what if I’m right: when I die, I'll go to a very good place and you to another. I’ll still be happy in the very good place but what about you?"

The man stared into thin air for some minutes without answering anything...

"Man, you’ve made me think ..." he replied.

After that he opened up and said he lived a very unhappy life, he wants to quit smoking and drinking and he is deeply in debt.

I stood there with my mouth open feeling useless.

I'm still not like the "Pink Panther", but do try to be bolder when speaking about Jesus to people. I don’t stutter or become shy.

Task #19

"Be bold, use intelligence and be a" Pink Panther." That goes for me too. We have to practice it every day!"


  1. I love your husbands response! So clever!

  2. It's so obvious that your husband is blessed with much wisdom.

  3. Well it did sometimes happened to me as well than I asked God when someone approaches me with a cross question about God thing else, make Him speak through me and God every time did it,I would face this that God really shows Him self and after that I just tell myself out of my own i don`t believe I would say it all by my self

  4. I will definitely aim to be more and more of a 'Pink Panther' everyday. Shyness and feeling like you don't know how to express yourself when you are going to talk about God and our faith are thoughts and emotions that attempt to stop us, but we must fight these.
    Thank you for sharing this experience, his answer was very clever and had the effect that you were looking for, to reach out and help that man:)


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