Monday, 5 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- Be Wise

Task #19 for the Single Ladies

The other day something revolted me so much that it made me cry!

A young girl who is part of the Youth Group, participates in the meetings, is changing her lifestyle in order to please God, was heading to church early in the morning when she was cornered and raped.

When I found out, I was in shock - I couldn’t believe it. This can’t be! How could this happen?

When something like this happens we normally end up questioning it: My God how could this happen to her? Why? Why? Why?

That’s right; we even get to the point of questioning God!

It’s interesting that when good things happen, generally, it is not attributed to God! Many are not even thankful to Him.

After coming to know a bit more about what had happened, I decided that this was a topic that I should bring to your attention.

This young girl lives in a slum and she had left her home very early to participate in the 6 o’clock service. It was very dark and she was by herself in a dangerous place!

Nothing justifies rape, but girls we must be wise!

Being vigilant is very important!

Task #19

Here are a few tips for you young ladies:

  • If you are going to stay for a vigil, never go back home alone. Always plan to be accompanied by someone.
  • By all means avoid staying in church till very late at night if you are unaccompanied.
  • If the Youth Group meetings end late or are scheduled at a time that may be dangerous for you, speak to your pastor in order to find a solution. It is not a sin to talk to your pastor about this.
  • Never think that by mentioning this to your pastor you will be demonstrating a lack of faith. On the contrary, ignoring the danger and risking yourself demonstrates a faith without intelligence.
  • Never accept a ride from a stranger - even if this person goes to the church.

Girls, be wise!!!


  1. Thanks for this post it really shocked me what happened to this young girl and its true what you say we have to be wise where we go and how late we are walking on the streets. Thank you for the advice

  2. This message is very important Mrs Nanda. We need to be wise, God gives us faith but also wisdom, wisdom is so important that in the bible it even says ''Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom'' (proverbs 4:7)

    Thanks for this message, alot of girls from the VYG especially will benefit from this.

    Sandra Ulume


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