Wednesday, 14 April 2010

For the Single Ladies- The piece of black bean

Task #23 for the Single Ladies

It was supposed to be a very important conference, so I got ready for it with such care…

I arrived very early, sat in the first row with pen and notepad in hand; I wanted to take note of everything I could so as not to forget. I was full of expectations…

And then, he arrives and with his first smile I lost myself!!!

He had a large piece of a black bean between his teeth!

I wanted to pay attention, but that piece of black bean kept playing hide-and-seek. He smiled, it appeared. He was serious, it disappeared. It appeared. It disappeared.

All of my plans came tumbling down! I can’t remember anything that he said!

The same thing happens at church and usually when the pastor is preaching, have you noticed how babies suddenly start to cry?

Many years ago I watched a film called “Demons in the Temple,” at the time the film was already pretty old, but very insightful.

It showed how demons work inside of the church during the most important moment of the service – that is during the explanation of the Word, irritating children so that they cry and bring all sorts of thoughts to the minds of the adults to distract them.

Task #23

“Fighting against distractions in church is fundamental for spiritual growth, for if you let yourself go, it won’t be long before you begin to feel distant from God.

Something that helps me a lot is to carry a pen and notepad with me because I jot down everything that calls my attention and wish to remember or reread.”

Of course, in the case of the piece of black bean, not even having a pen and notepad helped! lol


  1. I had the same issue of being disturbed by different thoughts when the preaching starts. Thus I decided to start sitting in the front rows,and it really helped me.Thanks for the tip on the note book book Mrs Nanda, I will add that as well!

  2. There were times when I used to be distracted a lot and my mind would just wonder away (especially before I was converted). What works for me now is that if I find myself almost wondering off I Pray and just ask God to help me to stay focused and it really works for me.

    On the other hand a pen and paper wont do any harm.... :-)

  3. Concentrate, comncentrate, concentrate. That blocks out all distractions.

  4. I notice that when its time to seek the Holy Spirit or read the Word of God, thoughts come into my mind, they bomabard my mind and i get easily distracted by noises etc.

    Thanks for this message

    It is helpful


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