Monday, 26 April 2010

For the Single Ladies - Whatever is hidden needs to be revealed

Task #30 for the Single Ladies

The other day God revealed something really strong to me – it made me cry.

“My God, I want to be better and not commit the same mistakes of the past. I want to find out where I went wrong. I want to correct the mistakes and never act in that way again.”

This was my prayer, but I didn’t only make that prayer once – I’ve done it many times – just wording it in different ways. I made many of those prayers because it seemed as though I wasn’t getting an answer. I prayed but still didn’t know where I went wrong!

In reality, I did find many reasons for going wrong, but deep down I knew that they weren’t the root of my problem – they were just superficial reasons that wouldn’t stop me from making the same mistakes again.

I started to go back in time – using my mind to re-visit the problem; I thought about similar situations, I searched within myself. It wasn’t easy – in fact it was painful so I started to ask myself why doing this was so painful for me?

“DON’T MAKE YOURSELF A VICTIM!” was the answer that I got – loud and clear!

“Who? Me? A victim?” I thought, now a little hurt.


At that moment, I understood the reason for my pain… I was wallowing in self-pity…

This pity blinded me and stopped me from going forward – from getting to the root…

Self-pity and making myself the victim is just another way of being to proud to accept my wrong. Isn’t that so?

So, I then began to question my emotions, that before seemed very innocent, but now I had found out what they really were!

Wolves in sheep’s clothing to ‘innocently’ knock me down. Horrid pride; get away from me!

I bowed down before God in recognition of my mistake and asked forgiveness…

But still, that wasn’t enough; I still had to discover the root of it all!

I continued seeking and after eliminating the problem mentioned above, it wasn’t difficult to discover the other, because without self-pity, I could search myself in a non-emotional way.

What is it that I’m trying to say with all this?

It doesn’t matter how “perfect” “saintly” or “good” and “problem free” we are, we need to seek within ourselves.

Mistakes happen, but if you don’t seek, you won’t find and if you don’t find, you can’t change and if you don’t change, then sooner or later you will suffer the consequences.

There are some evident signs that we urgently need to look out for, and cut off by the root:

1. You are always involved in the same problems. It happens once and then over and over again.

2. You don’t see results of your faith.

3. It seems as though God isn’t listening or answering you.

4. Everything seems to be going wrong in your life.

These are only a few that I have in my mind at the moment, but I believe that there are more…

Remember that the problem IS NEVER WITH GOD! IT’S NEVER HIS FAULT!

Another important tip:

God allows us to learn through problems, but if we blame the other people involved, then we will NEVER learn. If you are going through something, forget the others who are involved and seek to find out what God wants to show YOU!

Task #30

“Seek, find your mistake, ask forgiveness, think about how you can change and then actually do it”

This will help you very much; also because when we don’t search within ourselves for our own mistakes, we have the tendency to look at the mistakes of other people.

For sure whatever you find won’t be pleasing and will perhaps even make you cry, but question your emotions and then don’t stop there!


  1. Just what I needed Thank You and God Bless xx

  2. Many years ago I was the same.

    I can identify with this completely.

  3. This post has really opened my eyes. It's so easy to play the victim and act as if though everyone else is in the wrong. Self-pity really blinds you and makes you so emotional. Thanks for this post, it helped a lot. Sabrina, Hackney x


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