Tuesday, 11 May 2010

For the Single Ladies - Dating… What can we, and can't we do?

Task #37 for the Single Ladies

Here I’m referring to Christian dating – between those who fear God and are concerned about not doing anything that will disappoint Him.

Well, in the last blog we spoke about the right time to begin dating and now we will talk about those who are already dating…

• Can you kiss on the lips?

• How about those soap opera kisses? Are they allowed?

• Can you hug?

• How about kissing on nape of the neck? Or on the earlobe?

Before I answer, I would like to point out a reality:

Us girls (lol) are very different from the guys; perhaps you have no idea just how different we really are!

Men are visual and women are all feelings, therefore, a kiss on the nape of the neck for you can be something innocent, but for a guy it can have him “climbing up the walls!”

A soap opera kiss, that one where the tongue seems to go right down the throat of the other person – you know, where the mouth seems to swallow up the whole face of the other person? It’s advisable that those kisses be kept for husband and wife.

Forgive me if I seem old fashioned but I believe that it’s right. Perhaps now you ask…

“Nanda, so what can we do while dating?”

Here’s the answer:

1. Talk loads; seek to really know one another – the qualities and the defects.

2. Get to know what each other’s dreams are.

3. Find out how his relationship is with his family.

4. What are both of your goals in life?

5. Do you both have the same opinion in relation to having children?

6. Try to find out what place God has in his life.

7. Go out for lunch

8. Go to the cinema or some place where there are other people, avoid being alone, even if it’s in your parent’s house when they are not there. Say goodbye at the front door and don’t invite him in.

Now, concerning touching – everything should be minimal and careful so that you don’t cause him to visualize wrong things in his mind. The man may be of God, but he is still flesh and at the end of the day if he falls into temptation, it will be your fault. Never sit in between his legs or on his lap. Be very careful with the way you hold him, don’t go too far with what you do.

That’s why another important tip is to be really careful about the clothes that you choose to wear when going out with him.

Avoid showing your cleavage, wearing tight clothes or anything that can excite his imagination.

Do you want a good guide on how you should behave?

Task #37

“Every time you go out with him, imagine that there is a hidden camera filming every move that you both make… and on the sofa of your house, your father, mother, grandmother and his grandmother are watching everything you both do… How would you behave knowing that they were watching? So now, that is how your dating should be!”


  1. lol I enjoyed this post and completely agree!!! :-D

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. i enjoyed reading it too..=) so real..but for sure very hard for those who can't grasp it!! (i've been there!!!)

  4. lolol this post was greatt! n soo true. i like how you brought up about how us grls not only have to be careful about what we do, but also about what we wear! i think alot girls forget that wen they're in the excitement of looking good for their date! =O lol

  5. Muito forte donna nanda. This makes it very clear. Your blogs are so helpful.

  6. Adorei eses comentario de hoje foi muito forte, eu tenho namorado, e eu tinha algumas duividas. sobre o namoro cristão mais agora a senhora tirou todas minhas duvidas, muito obrigada.

  7. Thank you Mrs.Nanda Im not dating right now or have anyone but I really enjoyed this post because we want to do what is right and not go by what we think.

  8. This makes it clear in what girls can do when they are in a nice, godly relationship. i liked it :)

  9. These are very important tips for the correct way of Christian dating. Ms. Nanda you explain very strong points and reasons of do's and don't of dating.Thanks for posting this!! its very helpful.

  10. Thanks Mrs Nanda. You're so real and down to earth and I like that.


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