Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Traveling Necklace

Many of you who follow this blog will remember Nancy…

She is with us here in Namibia and very soon I’ll be telling you about how God has been amazing and faithful in her life. But that story is not for today…

Today we’ll talk about the Traveling Necklace…

When I heard about this idea, I fell in love with it!

Every Big Sister (click here to know more about The Sisterhood), passes on a necklace of hers to a Pledge who wears it for one day and then passes it on.

On the day that she wears it, the Pledge remembers about The Sisterhood and what it signifies in her life whenever she feels it, looks in the mirror or receives a compliment about it…

She will have the opportunity to contemplate on the great changes that have happened as well as the important morals that she has learned.

Below is what Nancy had to say about her day with the “Traveling Necklace”!

“There’s no way that this will go unnoticed.” This thought was not a reaction to the beauty of the necklace, but a feeling that me wearing such a beautiful piece of jewelry would stand out like a sore thumb. This wasn’t my usual style of accessory; it was way out of my league.

Then, right then, I felt as though my big sister was rebuking me for having such a negative thought. “no self-criticism” one of those on our no-no list. And immediately I put on the necklace, headed straight for my make-up, did my hair and left the room. For that necklace reminded me about the precious life God has given each of us, and how often we cover it with so many negative thoughts about ourselves.

Even though, as the day progressed and people commented on how beautiful I looked in the necklace, I still had to keep holding myself back from making the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ comment. The Sisterhood teaches us to take care of ourselves and value ourselves, so why can’t I wear such a beautiful piece of jewelry?

After a little more thought, I got my answer. It wasn’t only the negative thought of “its too nice for me” it was also the fact that I’d never been one to bother with accessories. I’m the kind of girl who can quite comfortably put on a pair of earrings and keep them on for a few days without thinking twice. The convenience of going to sleep and waking up ‘already accessorized’ was oh so sweet.

But that’s all in the past now. The traveling necklace came, showed me how things could be and then went on to bless another sister, and that’s how opportunities are. They come and go and it’s up to us to grab the opportunity and change.

Wearing this necklace was a blessing for me because it reminded me about how beautiful I could make things – not just my appearance, but my life, and the lives of those around me.

By Nancy Mbugua – Sisterhood Pledge, Namibia


  1. It's usually our negative thoughts that bring ourselves down more than anything. This is a great story.

  2. This is a good thing to do because it is a nice gesture for all sisterhood. I thin kit will live on forever :)


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