Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My Everyday Gift

When I began praying for my sentimental life, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted…

I wanted to wake up every day of my life and look at my husband with a growing love.

I wanted complicity with a simple glance – you know that whole thing of being able to look at each other and communicate in a way that only the two of us understand!

Or just a simple stare and the other person can identify what you want?

I wanted to pray and fast together with him for the same objectives.

I wanted to be on the same frequency.

I wanted to share the dream of saving souls.

I wanted to be able to trust and give myself without holding back…

I said all of this to God!

It wasn’t easy, but if one thing is for sure – it’s that I threw myself in His hands.

I gave up my will and my desires so that He could see that I was ready to do His will!

“Fernanda, who knows what’s best for you: God or you?” I kept asking myself this and of course, the answer was quite obvious, but during the difficult moments, I had to keep on reminding myself of that.

It was my challenge.

And do you know the result?!

It’s only been 13 years of marriage but we feel even more in love with each other than on our honeymoon.

Darling, oh how I love you!

With each day that passes it gets even better.

During the difficult moments, we unite as one to become stronger and when we are happy we multiply… we become 5, 10, 15!

All of the complicity that I wanted, the synchronism, all of the giving without holding back and so many other things that I didn’t even ask for….

My Lord, oh how I love you! Thank you!

Every morning that we wake up together, I remember that all of this is a marvelous gift!

It’s a sign that when we put our God in first place, He completes us in such an absolute manner that it makes us tremble with joy!

I am sharing this with you because I know that many of you are facing this battle, and I know how it is!

I know many times doubts come and try to weaken you, make you give up, question everything that happens to you and even what doesn’t happen!

During this time your attitude will make all of the difference.

Do you trust your God?!

He will give you your every day gift….


  1. Wow, Im so happy for you. What a previlage sharing this message with us! Its clear enough that if we throw our self in the hands of god and deny our own will and desires, then ofcourse God will bless us with a man of God and no doubt about that. I will trust in the Lord and im sure that He will bless me with my every day gift. May god bless you more abundantly. Hileni, Namibia

  2. I like these love stories; when at the end of sacrifice, patience and dedication, we see the results.

  3. Thank you for blessing those of us who are still fighting for our every day gift with this blessing. From time to time, the devil will try to put us down in thinking that things are not moving on, but reading this is a reminder that God is truly in control, and when He blesses, He will definately bless with the best!

  4. Wow. Thank you Mrs Nanda. This is truly a blessing and all I have to do is to keep trusting in God because He knows whats best for me.

    Kimberly Gold


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