Saturday, 19 December 2009

Love Dare - Day 15 - Give Him Priority

My shirt button fell off, can you sew on later?

Please take my suit to the drycleaner.

I need new socks, can buy them for me?

Can you organize my wardrobe?

Remember to buy cotton swabs, we’re almost out.

Some days later…

Did you sew on the button like I asked?

Oh no, honey I totally forgot…

Did you take my suit to the drycleaner?

Whoops, darling I didn’t have time…

Did you the socks and cotton swabs?

Oops, I forgot!

I bet you didn’t organize my wardrobe either, right?!

These are only a few examples of small things that are asked of us and don’t receive the expected attention. Surely, many husbands feel frustrated, as if they hold a secondary position in our lives.

It may seem silly but it can be extremely frustrating for them.

If you doubt this is true, ask him and you’ll see.

Dare- Task #15

“Starting today you will prioritize your husband’s requests- whether big or small, it doesn’t matter. He needs to know that he is a priority in your life. Perhaps you’ll need to jot things down so you don’t forget or stop what you’re doing in order to do what he’s asking, but don’t forget…. make his requests a priority.”


  1. Okay Got it, I will admit it is easy for me to forget thing's he ask of me.

    So I will make his request priority!!!

  2. Sometimes we dont realy take their request seriously from today on iam gonna make this my first priority to take care of his needs before mine or any other thing.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  3. This is realy a good teaching on how to prioritize their needs before our own needs or any other things.


  4. This is the most thing that I need to improve totally,I must make time for the things that my husband ask me to do and is the things I need to make my priority each day.


  5. Most of the time i do whatever he ask me to do and i fell good when he apprecite me.


  6. I agree many times we forget to what he ask of us.

  7. From today i will put my husbands needs before mine, thanks, DimorianNamibia


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