Saturday, 19 December 2009

Love Dare - Day 18 - Wonder Woman

When we start dating, we are ever so careful!

Hair is always in place, skin always smells nice- not to mention our perfectly manicured nails.

Gain weight? Not a chance! The mere thought of gaining a single kilo would be enough to let out all madness in our frantic search for any crazy diet and we wouldn’t settle until we shed the unwanted weight.

After marriage, and especially after a few years of marriage, women and men alike tend to relax in regards to their appearance. When children enter the picture, then it becomes even more difficult for women to keep up their looks.

I am not trying to generalize, there are many couples that continue to take care of their appearance even after marriage but that isn’t the case most of the time.

Since this Dare is directed towards women, we will focus on them for the following task.

Get ready girls because this isn’t going to be an easy task!

Dare- Task#18

You are going to make a list of things you have to do in order to care for your appearance. Things that you will need to incorporate into your daily, weekly and even monthly routine and eventually transform into habits.

For example:

  1. A new haircut, maybe some highlights, etc. (If you can, keep it looking fresh by touching up every month or bimonthly.)
  2. Flat iron your hair. (That depends. I have to do it almost every day because my hair is quite oily and I wash it daily. Usually I let my hair recover from the heat twice a week.)
  3. Do your nails. (Weekly)
  4. Wax. (Girls, just the thought of this gives me Goosebumps! People like me need to do this biweekly- every two week.)
  5. Eyebrows. (Weekly)
  6. The famous mustache (Waxing is excellent! It makes a difference! Biweekly)
  7. Do your toenails. (Biweekly)
  8. Lighten the small hairs on your abdomen and arms. (Biweekly)
  9. Visit the dentist. Folks, one of the biggest turn offs is bad breath! Some can even make you faint! Imagine kissing?! A simple visit to your dentist for a thorough cleaning can help. If your bad breath is caused by a diet or fast, buy a box of mints and keep them in your purse. If you have more than one purse, purchase enough mints to place one in each bag that way you don’t run the risk of having someone faint before you…

Oh yeah, it doesn’t help thinking… “I don’t smell anything, I don’t have bad breath…” because usually the person with bad breath isn’t able to smell it.


  1. Okay I will do this and persevere,I have tried doing this just recently and I sometime's do slip a bit on this but I need to push myself harder!

  2. this day show me that to be marrige does not mean that I have to stop to do what I use to do befor I was marrige, this is the glory of God for me to shine and smell nice for my husband all the time.This open my eyes that Ihave push my self and do what Iuse to do and even more.


  3. This is very true, I will turn it into a habit some of the things on the list that i do only after some time.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  4. I will rearly start to implement some of these things. In the past I use to despise some of them without realising that they play big roles in a woman's life.
    Rosalinde (Namibia)

  5. This is realy needed because some of the things i only do it after some week but as from today i will go on extra mile.


  6. That is true because when we marry,we become to much relaxed and we stop to do the things that we used to do.Forget that if our husband go outside and see the things that they don,t see from us,it can be a problem,that was suppose to be avoided.


  7. I like this, i will do it although some i already do, but others im reluctened to do. I want to look nice for my husband.


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