Saturday, 19 December 2009

Love Dare - Day 20 - Don't Fall in the trap

Folks I can’t believe it! We are halfway through our Dare!

I know it hasn’t been easy but I have no doubt that those that are really making an effort are already seeing results!

Today our task is something that is easy to say but requires much sacrifice, lots of prayer and humbleness, in simple terms, it not easy to practice!

We are going to talk about pride.

How many were the times that after an argument only two words were necessary (Forgive me) to solve the problem but you refused to say them due to your pride?

You then think to yourself “but he was also wrong! If he asks for forgiveness then I will too.”

It’s always the same story, we try to hide our faults by pointing to other’s mistakes but this will never solve the problem.

You yelled at him but think “He deserved it, he aggravated me!”

You misjudged him but think “He gave me motives.”

Do you manage to see how things are? Soo many excuses! We want to avoid sacrificing at all costs!

This diabolic pride can destroy your marriage.

Therefore, our task will be…

Dare- Task#20

“You will begin to observe yourself with regards to this pride and whenever necessary, setting all excuses aside, you will ask for forgiveness and seek to change your behavior. Or what good is it to apologize, continue to make the same mistake and ask for forgiveness again? It becomes worthless.”

Don’t fall in that trap!


  1. Okay I will not fall in the trap.
    And I will work hard on this dare.
    It is not easy in the moment when you are angry but I know that when I have pushed the pride aside and asked for forgiveness it is well worth it and I feel good about my decision there after.

  2. TRUE! from today on i will realy look into this cause i have realized that this (Pride)is one of my problems, it used to be bad before but now i am trying to change and will push myself to be a very good wife in this matter.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  3. True. I have started to implement the tools that I can use to fight against proud even though sometimes is not easy. The greatest weapon that I am using is prayer of humbleness and I'm seeing the result day by day through the challenges.

  4. This day I did my best for me not to fall in the trap of praide,and this is what the deveil want from me to be soo blind so that I can not see my mistake and change but to lead me to hell, And lose my husband as well.

    That why we need to get ride of this demonic spirit and try to be humble no metter the situation we my be in,we have to have a desire to change within our self.


  5. My husband teach me this, it was very difficult for me to do, but now it's not problem any more and is so good, because I feel him forgiven me in that time.

  6. One of the teaching that i will never forget in my life is from my husband he always say to me the uniform of a woman of God is humbleness and if allow pride to enter my heart i will be not a good example at all.


  7. this one is hard but i will try my best.ever if iam angry not to fall in this trap.

    aina (Nam)

  8. This is true, sometimes it hard to ask forgiveness, but we just have to swallow the frog. Humbleness is one quality i pray to God everyday to be part of my character that i can be an excellent wife.
    Dimorian Namibia

  9. Pride is one of the biggest weapon of the devil,so i will try my best not to in this trap.

    Aina Namibia


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