Saturday, 19 December 2009

Love Dare - Day 21 - There's Time for Everything

You have certainly already heard that there is time for everything, right?

Well then, today we are going to discuss how to learn to wait and choose an appropriate moment.

Appropriate moment for what you may ask…

The appropriate moment to ask for something, to talk about problems, to express your opinion, to reveal your side and the list goes on.

He had a difficult day at work, nothing went his way. His boss scolded him several times. He has had enough and can hardly wait to get home…

He has hardly walked through the door when his wife…

“Look Joseph, I can’t take it anymore! I am tired of hearing complaints about Jo Jr. at school- you have to do something about it! The kitchen sink isn’t working and I already told you that we need a new washing machine! The fridge isn’t properly refrigerating and the food is spoiling!” And the list of problems goes on….

Can you imagine what will happen next?

If this wife were wise she would have waited for her husband to arrive and “sensed” what kind of mood he was is.

If she senses his bad mood, then it certainly isn’t the right moment to “toot the horn.” In reality, we should disconnect this horn that only serves to irritate one another.

There is without a doubt a right moment and a right way to expose problems and you need to be sensitive enough to identify these moments.

If you are annoyed or at your brink, then it also isn’t the right time because you will most likely say things that you don’t really mean… To repent about words spoken rashly is valid but the problem is that you can’t take them back no matter how sorry you are.

Dare- Task#21

“Starting today you are going to think about this and be sensitive enough to identify the right moment. Avoid saying anything when you are irritated or upset.”


  1. My day with this has been pretty easy, but I know the real challenge will come when I am irritated and my husband come's in a bad mood..
    I know it is bound to happen 1 day.
    But I will certainly remember this wise advice!

  2. It's true that sometimes we realy dont know the right time to speak to our husband's and iam realy going to put it into practice.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  3. I will always certainly remember this advise whenever I will face those real challenge.


  4. Oh! this remaind me of my fist days in my marrige,I use to make soo many mistake because I could make a different at which time and moment I needed to give a comment or ask what I want, I just speak without waiting for him to finish eating diner.

    I remember,most of the time my husband stop what he was doing and say to me Hendrina my wife, what else do you want?is it all, please write everyting on the paper and do the most important thing you need the most okey! and I could be so angry and think that he is not paying attention to me.

    But today I thank God so much because,now I now when to ask my husband, just by look at his face I now orready not now until at the appopriated time.


  5. Very true i remember at the begining of my marriage i never know how to choose a time for me to speak with my husband but thanks to God as time pass i learn how to just by looking at his face i can tell that is now to speak or later.


  6. i will remember this one day and put it in to action when days like that come.Thank you very much miss Nanda because iam really seeing a change in my marriage

    AINA Namibia

  7. My day with him was peacefull but i will remember this one day to speak in the right time .Thank u very much miss nanda God bless.

    Aina Namibia


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