Sunday, 20 December 2009

Love Dare - Day 23 - You are not Alone

When I thought about marriage, before getting married of course, I thought that I’d marry someone that would make me happy...

Who doesn’t think like that, right?

There’s only one little problem with thinking like that… a marriage involves two people, not just you!

That’s the reason we end up having so many problems. We simply forget that not everything revolves around us.

In fact, in the same way you expect your spouse to make you happy, you should also strive to make him happy.

If we don’t understand this principle then we’ll only want to receive and never give.

When was the last time that you thought about this? Have you ever sacrificed your will in order to please him?

My husband hates going to shopping centers and clothing stores but I love it!

Once in a while he takes me to the mall. When he does this I know that he’s going against his will just to please me. I value his effort so much that I insist on demonstrating my gratitude and showing him how much he has made me happy…

Now moving on to me, I must admit that I’ve always detested soccer. Come on, can anything be more annoying?! Just the sound of the commentator’s voice is enough to irritate me!

And you know what? My husband is absolutely crazy about soccer!

Do you know what I had to do? Sacrifice.

I started to watch games with him. I also began to learn about the different teams and even started reading the sports section of the newspaper just so that I could comment.

One day he said… “Darling, don’t worry you don’t need to make any comments- you’ve got it all wrong anyway. But don’t worry, I got the message…” Alright, I think I memorized the wrong names and I mixed up some players. I even think that some of the ones I mentioned had already been sold to other teams, which was quite amusing to him! lol

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I now love soccer, but I’ve learned to sacrifice my will for him and he does the same for me.

That’s giving!

You don’t only think about receiving, on the contrary.

Dare-Task # 23

“Starting today you are going to remember that you’re not the only one in your relationship and you’ll make an effort to give and sacrifice your will.

Search for situations like the ones I described above so that your sacrifice is clear to him. As a result, he will feel appreciated and what’s best, it won’t be too long before he starts doing the same for you.”


  1. Okay I have done about the same thing that you spoke about here recently in the last few month's and I will add that I have seen my marriage slowly but surely blossoming.
    And I am taking it further and further!

  2. Honestly i have to work very hard on this one. I think nobody hates soccer more than me and i think nobody loves soccer more than my husband so i realy have to compromise on this one, sometimes he ask me to watch soccer with him and because i hate it so much i turn him down and go to sleep or do something else but from today on i will deny myself and try to enjoy it with him.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  3. There are some intertainments that he likes and surely I don't like them and I have to try my best to sacrifice my will.

  4. This is true that if I don't learn to sacrifice my well to please my husband no meter who tide I maybe,This makes is making a big different in my marriage since I started to change my behavior to wait for my husband to do same thing for me,I started to watch news and accompany him in every thing he love doing.


  5. i truly dislike soccer and the geographic channel, but i have learned to appreciate what my husband likes and to support him every step of the way. most of the time i watch it with him like i enjoy it. he can see my sacrifice and as a result he likes to watch what i like.

  6. My husband like basket ball is one of his favorite sport but i dont like i realy try my best even thought is not easy for me i try to make him happy.


  7. Good evening miss Nanda
    this day really touch me a lot,is like taking a knife and put it inside my heart.Because my spouse like channels about cares and i don,t like it .sometime if he watch i will stand up and do something else.but today i watch it with him.

    Aina Namibia


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