Monday, 9 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 1 - Patience

Dear readers,

After receiving so many e-mails and counseling many people with marital problems, I’ve decided to do something different.
Are you facing problems in your marriage?

Would you like your relationship with your husband to be ten times better?

The relationship is not that bad, but could be much better?

So let’s start our love dare!

Well the movie fireproof really inspired me and for the next 40 days you will receive here in this space, little tasks for you to practice.

I want to warn you that it will not be easy but the final result will be worth the effort.

Like I’ve mentioned before, after my salvation, my marriage is what I hold most valuable in my life.
I hope each and every one of you can experience and value such a treasure.

It doesn’t really matter if your husband is converted or not!
This dare is indicated for all those that wish to see a transformation in their relationship.

Remember, you will receive the task today and will need to put it into practice immediately!

Don’t take this for granted!

Day 1: Patience

Day 1 of our Love Dare may be easy to some, but for others this may prove to be a true challenge…

“Tomorrow you will demonstrate patience towards your husband. Make a conscious effort not to say anything negative to him. If the temptation arises, choose to say nothing at all. It is better to hold your tongue then to say something that you will regret later.”
(Based on the book The Love Dare)

Did something make you feel bitter towards your partner?

Were you tempted to say negative words?

How was your day?

Leave your comments... It can be made anonymously, no one will know who you are!

If you have a Bible, it would be great if you read and reflected on James chapter 1.


  1. Would it be right if I could do the Love Dare? I mean I am not with anyone or married but am teen with parents, would that be alright if I just practiced with them and with all the people I know?

    Thank You, God Bless You!!!

  2. Thanks Mrs Nanda - Im not married yet but gonna practice this with my family. The things that are applicable that is :)

  3. Hi Emma and Jenjen, that is a very good idea!

  4. Practicing with parents, what an awesome idea!!! :-D

  5. This is great!I have watched the film myself and since then I have been practising most of the love dares and it works!! My marriage has really transformed!! there is a few things I forgot so I am going to follow you from today, sorry I start late but I'll catch up with you. I have lots of friends with problems in their marriage, I am going to invite them. Mrs Nanda do you mind if I translate this to some of them into spanish? Thank you

  6. Hi Yoly, I have the blog in Spanish as well and soon will start publishing the Love Dare in Spanish as well.

  7. Okay so day 1 was not to much of a challenge.
    But Just at the end,the temptation did arise, over something silly but,I did not give in and I got through the day completing my love dare!!!
    I'll be back tommorow to read my next dare...

  8. Hi I bearly read this and I did sayd some negative things to my boyfriend. Everything is cool now but I wished I would've read it earlier. He's not my husband yet but we are planning on getting married before April. Is it okay if I start one day behind?

  9. No problem, you can start now...:)

  10. Well done Leeanne, 1 day gone, 39 to go...LOL!

  11. Hi Mrs. Fernanda
    The day was a bit difficult, I choose to stay with him the whole day to see if I can cope to hold my self and stick to my decision but I did it at the end he was even trying to make me angry I manage to be patient and this is for me to do it always.

    Hendrina Namibia

  12. The first day was not that hard but i almost complained about something that he asked me and i remembered that i had to be patient and did what he asked me without complaing and it was a lovely day for him and for me.

  13. Hi Mrs. Fernanda

    What I learned in my marriage is that men sometimes are just like children. I used to be angry so much in my first year of marriage but now I don’t get angry any more because men are obviously like that and now I don’t find it difficult to handle any situation that I come close to.

    Rosalinde. Namibia

  14. Thanks, Mrs fernanda for this word I will put in pratice.

  15. Hi Mrs Fernanda Good Evening,

    It was a peaceful day and i tried to make him happier without complaining.
    Nothing happened, everything was under control.

    Rosalinde (Namibia)

  16. Hi Mrs Fernanda

    The first day was not that hard, but it was good because it made me think first before i say something to my husband.

    Dimorian - Namibia

  17. Evening miss nanda, i started today and it was very tempting but i manged to control myself.
    Aina namibia

  18. This is brilliant...I watched the movie and now I get to follow the Love Dares! I was looking for some good advice. It is my first month wedding anniversary today and I want to make sure I am starting off on a good note!

  19. It was a nice day but i almost say something to him but thanks God i hold my tongue.


  20. i started my love dare from day one and i have to confess, it was a bit difficult because when you make a decision to do something to bless your marriage or any part of your life, the devil always brings things in order to make you to fail, but i made it.

  21. Hi Mrs Nanda, after that testimony you posted on your blog (in portuguese), I decided to do the love dare too. 39 days to go.

    Debbs - Houston, TX


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