Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 11 - Admiration

When we were kids we used to love watching superhero cartoons. Girls dreamed with their own “Superman” coming to save them. Boys dreamed of being “Batman” with his cool costume and “Bat-mobile.”

In reality it has always been like this: girls admire the superheroes and boys want to be admired just like the superheroes.
With age and even marriage things don’t change much, they still need to feel admired.

You know what? This was a great eye-opener for me. I was always expecting some sort of praise, a word, a glance but I rarely did it in return.

Maybe I thought he didn’t care, I don’t know, but when I read about it in a book and began to put it into practice...Wow! How important it is!!! What a big difference it made in our relationship!

If you don’t admire your husband, this is the momento to start doing so…

If you like to hear some praise, they do too!

“Darling, you look great in that shirt!”

“Wow, what you said is so true!”

“Look, you see, you are so intelligent!”

Dare-Task #11
“Starting today, you will begin to admire your husband. As soon as you have a chance, give him a complement. Start doing this today and create the habit of always doing so…”


  1. I never used to say anything to my man – it just never occurred to me to do so. Then one day he turned around and asked me if I actually loved him, coz I never do anything to show that I do. I felt really bad that day and made a promise to start appreciating him a lot more.

  2. It is so easy for me to forget to compliment my husband, I alwa's want the compliment's from him but I guess that is just being I am changing it ...

    I enjoyed this dare...=)
    My husband to , I will admit complimenting him out of the blue sometime's feel's a little weird..
    But I notice he feel's more confident in himself..I am working on making it a habit though ...

  3. I compliment my husband since i read about it somewhere, "oh, you look so handsome today, you are a very humble and good man, Iam blessed to have a husband like you" this are just few of the things that i compliment him with and it also makes it easy for him to compliment me without me asking him how i look in a pair of new clothes.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  4. This realy taught me so much.Whenever I compliment my husband,it always touch his heart and give a baby-smile on his face.

    Rosalinde ( Namibia)

  5. This is some thing that is very important for a woman to do in her life because it make a man to
    now that there is someone who care for him.

    This is some thing that makes a big different in my marrige since I got this advice from Mrs.Fernada I put it in practise for me not to wait or ask who I look but to tell him that,Sweet Hart You look nice today,who cut your hair so nice? you look so handsame today.

    this words they are simple but they mean alot to them, to go out of the house with a smile and to do their job with alot of confidence, excelent in there jobs because of what they feel in them self.


  6. This day it taugt me alot who I have to serve my husband every time.

    Ikook super for him,and well come him at the door with a kiss and serve him his food,he look at me and at the plate of food."WHOO THANK YOU" and he smile at me.

  7. my husband like went i compliment him so much and if i did not give him a compliment,he always say pope don,t u like what iam wearing.but it really make them feel good.

  8. I like to admire my husband and whenever i say to him honey i love the way your body is build he smile and say realy i see that he like it.


  9. I like to give my hubby compliments, but sometimes im thinking im giving him a big head, but i must not think that way, i must think POSITIVE making him feel good about himself. sometimes us woman can easily critisise our husbands without even knowing we have to motivate them. DimorianNamibia


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