Monday, 16 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 7 - Appreciate the Good Things

Falling in love is wonderful!

The butterflies in our stomach each time we see the person we love…

Do you know the cartoon Woody Wood Pecker?

Each time he saw his beloved his eyes would transform into these huge bulging hearts. If we were cartoon characters, I think the same thing would happen to us! Lol.

Usually, without even noticing, we end up making a mental list about our beloved…

  • Honest
  • Inteligent honest
  • Hard Worker
  • Beautiful Smile!
  • Irreproachable
  • Kind

During this phase the list are generally pretty long… the more we think about our beloved, the more we appreciate him/her.

But generally with marriage, we not only discover qualities- we also see flaws and we then proceed to create yet another mental list. The thing is that this time we forget all about the qualities and focus solely on the flaws.

  • Selfish
  • Insensitive
  • Proud
  • Slow
  • Foolish

These lists also tend to be quite long, right?

During the early phases of our relationship, a great deal of us prefer to center on the qualities and don’t give much mind to the flaws, then after marriage we are startled and allege...

“He isn’t the same anymore!”

This generally isn’t the case. He was always like that; perhaps you were so elated with the prospect of marriage that you didn’t stop to doublethink it.

At this stage of our Dare, we are going to revive our little list of qualities- he needs to know that you appreciate him!

Dare- Task #7

“On two pieces of paper, you will make two lists (one on each paper.)

On the first paper, spend some time writing down the qualities and virtues that your spouse possesses.

On the other sheet of paper you will make a list of your spouse’s flaws. Take both of these papers and store them in a secret place (we will use them later, there is a special purpose for each list.)

During the rest of the day, choose one of the qualities you wrote on the list and at an appropriate time, you will thank your spouse for possessing the said virtue.

(Based on the book Love Dare).


  1. This is such a fabulous idea. I just hope my hubby doesn't stumble across this site during this task!

  2. This task is quite a revival and I am just waiting to see what will be the outcome, I am sure it will be a good one. Now I really need to find a secreat place so my sweet thing does not come across it.

  3. Hello Girls good to hear from you guys!!!

    Hope the love dare is bringing results...

  4. This is realy a good task cause is not everytime that we appreciate the good things our spouses does for us, so today he did something very special for me even though he could choose not to and i did not even need to write down his qualities on a piece of paper cause i know the qualities that he has by heart and i mentioned them to him, his face was shining!!

    Charlene (Namibia)

  5. it is true that sometimes the devil try only to make us to focus on flaws and forget that the good things are more stronger and many than the bad things. This will make us to understand that good things are uncountable than the flaws.

  6. This day make me very sad and open my eyes,To show me the true person Iam inside my maind and that I need to change the way I think and start to apprisate every thing he do for me.


  7. It is so easy to see the flaws of someone than the good things.I made a list and can wait to see what we are going to use it for.


  8. Today realy appreciate for what he gave me even thought many time i dont,it valentine day and he suprice me he always give me gift even if there is any thing special but i dont thank him,now i must learn realy even if small or big.


  9. This is a good exercise to keep the love for one another new every day.

  10. Oh my this is such a great idea. One day I will do this at the moment I am barely on the good qualities part and the buterflies in the belly lol.

    I love it though Mrs Nanda will share with my family


  11. I suppose tips like these are part of what helps to maintain the love and communication in a marriage. When I am married I will attempt to employ small details such as this one so my spouse and I can truly enjoy each other.

  12. that is great idea Mrs Nanda it has to make part of our day!


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