Thursday, 5 November 2009

Would you be interested?

After watching the movie "Fireproof ", I was in love with it.

Decided to buy the book "Love Dare", mentioned in the movie, had not even started reading it and had the idea to translate and post it in my Portuguese blog.

After the 8th day, I got a bit tired of the book and started creating tasks based on my experiences in marriage. 
These 40 days were a blessing to many women in the Portuguese blog and I would like to know if you English speakers would be interested.

I ask this because, if I start it here, I would like to hear from you, hear your comments so others can be blessed and I know that this effort has got results.

I don't constantly update this blog because as I don't have comments from the messages, I assumed that no one reads it and if this is the case... What is the use?

So... If I don't hear from you, I'll assume there is no interest...

Hope somebody reads it...


  1. Yes, I did ! I want to learn more and more about the Work of God. So don't stop posting and keep up the good work. God Bless you !

  2. NO! Please dont stop,im always checking your blog for new messages but i always thought the reason why you dont update your blog as often was because your busy.So please dont stop cause the messages you post helps me e.g The day God got angry with me,that really helped me so Carry on with the good work.God bless
    London Brixton

  3. Even though I don't comment I still read your blog. I would like very much to read this!

  4. Yes please dont stop writting articles - your work is not in vain - keep on keeping on (-.-) REALLY IM LEARNING A LOT FROM YOU MRS NANDA ..

  5. Hi Mrs Fernanda, I would love so much to read more articles from you in English, there's so much we have to learn!!!!!! please do not stop doing it, I'm sure it's going to be a success and a huge blessing!

  6. Of course we'll read it! So far your articles have been really down to earth and honest. It's nice to read about topics that people don't always openly discuss but deep inside they're so thinking about it!
    My sister, Gemma will also be pleased to see this English blog as she translates your Portuguese site to the entire family every week!
    It just goes to show that even if people don't leave a comment (as I am not really accustomed to doing) people still will read blogs like yours and be touched in ways you;ll never know. God bless you always...:-)

  7. Somebody has read it - and I like it!... actually more than just me have read it so please, don't stop writing.

  8. Please don't stop!!!!! This 40 day topic sounds great. You can't wet our taste buds and then leave us thirsty!!! Although we are useless at writing comments, we love the read and practical advice. But so long as you keep writing, we will keep the comments coming in! Thanks xxxx

  9. please do it im not married but I think I would learn so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  10. Hi Mrs Fernanda,

    I'm not one for leaving comments (you can thank Nancy for this one!) but, yes, we actually do read it! I think that there are more readers than you think... A couple of weeks ago I read an article on the Portuguese site and really wanted to share it with a friend but it was in Portuguese! I tried my best to explain it but I was worried that passing it on second hand wasn't going to be as effective. Thank God she was able to translate most of it using Google and she was blessed by it. There you go!

  11. I would love it if your blogs were in English! I hear so much about the portuguese ones and the few you have in English have been great food for thought and much needed advice. I would definitely follow them.


  12. Mrs.Fernanda
    I am always looking for new updates & would love to read & learn,so would like any new information,to grow spiritually & to stay connected to God.
    Thank you

  13. Okay girls, loved to see your comments here!

    Thank you for your efforts!

    At least now I know someone reads it!

    I'm not asking for compliments, just that you leave your views and how helpful it was, so I know if I'm on the mark. If I'm helping...

    I'll start posting the 40 days challenge to transform your relationship from next Monday, so you have plenty of time to invite people to participate.

    In case you are no married yet, is going to be very helpful as well...

    London girls, big kiss to you all!!

    Nanda Bezerra

    Ps: Nancy, you can't post anonymous comments!!! I'm watching you girl!!lol

  14. Please Keep!!! Writing :-) I read in portuguese but english seems to be much more comfortable for me to read, go figure rsrsrsr

    God Bless You

  15. Please do translate i often check your portugues blog and translate it on google because I find myself identifying with many of the things you say.

  16. Well i do read the posts but i was also wondering why you never update it ,i would love to read more of your posts

  17. will you also translate the challenge for singles,please!! :)

  18. Please don't stop! I posted a comment before requesting your articles in English. I agree with Mrs Changoo; your articles are so down to earth and not sugar coated. I love that and learn from it more.

  19. Hi!!!
    I am actually a new reader to you'r blog... But as I was browsing through you'r blog I noticed the (Love dare 39 )title and since I just watched Fireproof 'yesterday I was curiose to see if it was in regard's to the movie, and I went to you'r archive only to find this 1...
    I am so exited to know this is real and not just a Movie plot, and I am going to commit to the Love Dare starting tommorow ..
    I am married I have been in the church for 3 year's and I would love to do anything that will help my marriage to grow more than we have up until now!!!!
    I am actually very exited and I will let more people know about the Blog!!!
    Thank you very much ,,Oh and I will leave a comment after I read each dare just to let you know how it is going ....
    Wow thank you Mrs. Nanda
    In Faith,
    Leeanne Ledesma

  20. Dear Leeanne,

    I have no doubts you will see the results!

    Can't wait to read your comments on it!

  21. Hi Ms. Nanda

    I'm going to start this purpose today I'm new to your blog and let you know about the results which i know they;ll be great. God Bless You



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