Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 12 - Stop Complaining

It’s interesting how many times we do things we don’t realize we are doing.

This is another aspect in which I personally had to wake up and seriously change…Once I started observing myself with respect to this, I noticed how annoying I was and what’s worse is that my complaints were not getting me anywhere besides irritating him…

Have you stopped to observe yourself on this aspect?

It’s those famous phrases…

·      You always forget to take out the trash!

·      The dirty clothes go in the hamper not the floor!

·      You never put down the toilet seat!

·      You never put the cap back on the toothpaste!

By doing this we sound more like a mother than a wife and partner.


“Starting today you will begin to observe and eliminate any unnecessary complaints that serve only to irritate both of you.”


Many people that I have counseled with respect to this have told me that after they stopped complaining, their husbands began to change and really do that which they had asked!


  1. Okay I had never examined myself, Like I did this time and I found out how annoying I can be ..Inside of me I knew I was pushing his button's, but I wanted to make him mad like he made me , and I guess since I wasn't being mean I thought is was okay but I can see how annoying it has been and understand why I need to change it fast..

  2. It is true that complain always bring trouble in the marriage because men don't like someone who always complain in anything. I can also testify that since the day I stoped complaining, we always have peace in our marriage.

    Rosalinde (Namibia)

  3. This is very true, cause i used to nag too much without realizing it but ever since i stop nagging and complaining things realy have changed, my husband realy appriciates it if i do for him something without complaining and i have now more pleasure in serving him.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  4. This day it remained me of what Aim doing to my husband and at my marriage in general, without knowing that aim destroy my marriage by the nagging and complains that I do ,by not realize that am chasing my husband away from me every day.

    When I stop, I didn’t need to say any thing or to behave toward him like am his mother and treat him as my child but, as the Lord Jesus him self and I put my self at my position as a best friend and wife.


  5. when u complian to much we make them not to pay attention any more and we some how make them to feel like they are with they mother not a wife any more.

  6. Its true most of the time is woman that complain its very hard to find a man cmplaining.
    love dare is opening eyes day by day and im thanksful for that.


  7. This was one of my biggest problems especially in the beginning of my marriage "the toilet seat"but complaining realy gets you nowhere...DimorianNamibia


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